AC Origins New Kid In Town Side Quest - Temple of Million Years Location

New Kid in Town is one of the side quests in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It involves helping a distraught peasant, fighting bandits, riding an ox cart, solving an ancient mystery and enduring several annoying sales pitches from a local politician. It can be a bit difficult to solve, since one of the quest steps isn’t marked on the map. That’s why we’ve decided to write about AC Origins New Kid in Town side quest, to help you find the Temple of Million Years.

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ac origins new kid in town side quest
AC Origins New Kid In Town Side Quest

How to start New Kid in Town quest

In order to start this mission, you’ll need to be at least level 18. Once you are, travel to Letopolis, the town in the southeastern part of the Sapi-Res Nome area. Go to the square in front of the temple and talk to the man in the white dress – the one standing on a platform and giving a speech. After your rude interruption, he’ll start you on your quest. He seems to think you want to live there, and will send you to talk to Nehi.

How to complete New Kid in Town mission

Follow the quest marker to Nehi and talk to him. He’s devastated on account of his oxen, who got stuck in the desert after he deserted them. In the desert. Follow the marker again to find the animals nearby, serving as a bait in an ambush. You can just jump onto the cart and run off, completely ignoring the poor bandits who’ve been lying in wait in the scorching sun for who knows how long.

Once you return the beasts of burden to Nehi, he’ll show you some hieroglyphs he had found in his new home. They’re too old for Bayek to understand, but Nehi sends him back to the politician, Ramessu. He tells you Nehi isn’t the only one who found disconcerting writings on the wall. There are three more – a fishmonger, a rope maker and a fabric merchant – but the game won’t mark their exact locations on the map. You’ll have to use Senu to scout around and pinpoint their locations.

Find each one and inspect the hieroglyphs in their homes. When you’ve inspected all of them, you’ll get the prophetic message telling you to look west towards the pyramids. You’re supposed to find the Temple of a Million Years in the golden dunes, guarded by stone lionesses.

Temple of a Million Years location

The temple is located southwest of Letopolis, halfway between the town and the border with Khensu Nome. It’s burried, but you’ll spot the stone lions easily enough. Go inside through the narrow opening and investigate all the highlighted spots. This will trigger a cutscene which will reveal the truth about Letopolis. Afterwards, go and talk to Nehi again. The quest will end, and you’ll receive 1500 XP for your effort.