AC Origins Season Pass & Post-Launch Content Revealed

Thanks to a new trailer, we get to see what season pass and post-launch content will be included in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Long story short, the season pass will include some heavy DLC stuff, and extra outfits. The free content includes daily activities, horde mode, the Discovery Tour, and more.

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AC Origins Season Pass & Post-Launch Content Revealed
AC Origins Season Pass & Post-Launch Content Revealed

In a new trailer, Ubisoft has revealed the post-lanch and season pass content for AC Origins. The video details the timeline when the various DLCs will launch. The free content doesn’t get any set dates, but we do get to see what we’re going to get.

Those that purchase the Assassin’s Creed Origins Season Pass will get two large DLCs and two outfit packs. The outfits, called Roman Centurion Pack and Horus Pack, will arrive to the game in November. Then, in January, The Hidden Ones DLC will launch. It will explore the time a few years after the events of the base game. We’ll travel to Sinai, in the middle of a clash between the occupying Romans and rebels. In February, we’ll get the Curse of the Pharaohs DLC. This one is a little more horror-oriented; Bayek will battle against dead pharaohs and giant scorpions, while exploring a brand-new open-world region.

As for the free post-launch content (or activities, if you will) that everyone will get, they don’t seem as interesting, but they should still keep players occupied. First off, there will be daily activities. These include Photo Mode and the Nomad’s Bazaar. In Photo Mode, every picture you take will automatically be shared with the rest of the community, and even appear on the map. In Nomad’s Bazaar, you’ll have to complete various tasks and get a mystery reward in return. Then, there’s the Trial of the Gods, a live challenge that will appear regularly. Apparently, through a glitch in the Animus, you’ll be able to battle the gods of Ancient Egypt, and really put your skills to the test. Lastly, further down the pipeline, we’ll get Horde Mode in the gladiator arena, and the Discovery Tour, allowing us to take an interactive tour through Ancient Egypt.

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