AC Origins Shards of A Star Farming Guide - Where to find Scorpions

Shards of a Star are a new high rank crafting material in Assassin’s Creed Origins. You’ll need them for all the gear upgrades in Curse of The Pharaohs. There’s no quick and easy way to earn enough of them – you’ll have to farm them for a while. Our AC Origins Shards of a Star farming guide will help you by showing several good locations where you can find them.

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ac origins shards of a star farming
AC Origins Shards of A Star Farming Guide – Where to find Scorpions

How to get Shards of a Star?

If you need shards, your best bet would be to hunt either the giant scorpions (which drop two) or the pharaoh’s shadows (which drop three). Our favorite method is to go to the Royal Palace in the south of Aten and kill the three scorpions there. After you’re done with them, open up the quest menu and use the “Reload quest objective” option, and they’ll magically reappear.

If you find this too bothersome, you could also go to Aaru and ride around the fields there. You’ll get to kill a whole bunch of scorpions before you have to reload the objective, but there will also be a bit more downtime between groups.

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  1. B

    There is an even better spot for farming the scorpions than the palace or the field: The valley of Scorpions in the south of Heb Sed. There are 4 scorpions packed together, you can summon your mount after reload (couldn’t do that on the palace) and also it’s fast to get there.

  2. J

    Actually the quickest way to farm star shards is to go to Ramesses’ afterlife, and just make one big circle from the valley of scorpions, to the Scorpions lair, to serqets chamber. There are four scorpions at the valley, and two at both the lair and the Chamber. For a total of 16 shards per Circle. Although I should mention, the two at the chamber will usually spawn in at either level 57 or 58 so don’t attempt the chamber unless you’re sure you can handle it. And you can fast travel to the real world and back to refresh the Scorpions.

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