AC Origins Weasel Side Quest

The Weasel is one of the side quests you can take on in AC Origins. It involves finding a lost servant girl, solving a murder and standing up to a tyrant. There’s an investigation that can prove to be a bit tricky, as the hotspots you’re supposed to examine aren’t highlighted all that well. In this guide, we’re going to help you complete AC Origins Weasel side quest.

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ac origins weasel side quest
AC Origins Weasel Side Quest

How to start the Weasel side quest?

To start the quest, you’ll have to go to Apollodorus’ Estate in the Kaponos Nome area. Talk to Pelias, the steward. He’ll tell you about a servant girl that was supposed to fetch him a letter. He presumes she got sidetracked, but doesn’t really care about finding or scolding her – he wants the letter. He’ll point you towards the pidgeon tower in the back of the estate. Once you’re there, Bayek will realize something’s amiss. You’ll have to investigate the area around the tower – the spilled charcoal to the right of the door, the pool of blood in the back, and the nearby hay cart.

After you’ve found the body in the cart, you’ll have to bring it to Pelias. He’ll find a piece of damning evidence on it – a badge belonging to the estate’s master of arms, Dymnos. You’ll have to confront him and see whether he’s the one responsible. As you’d expect, he isn’t the least bit remorseful about his actions, and he decides Bayek needs to die as well. Well, you can guess how that one ends.

Once you’re done with Dymnos, loot the letter from his body. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t serve any purpose other than being an additional snippet of story, but it’s better to grab it anyway. Go back to the stewards and inform him of your findings. You’ll be rewarded with 1000 experience points.