Assassin's Creed Rogue Blueprint Elite Design Locations Guide

Elite Design Blueprints are the highest level upgrade for your ship Morrigan, and players will found them by exploring the world of AC Rogue. Blueprints are kept in specific chests scattered throughout the global map.
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They unlock precious items and the best ship upgrades, so be sure to collect them all. Ship upgrades are mandatory if you want to progress in the North Atlantic. You can upgrade your ship when you collect resources, which can be found by boarding ships, capturing settlements or plundering supply camps and outposts.

We encourage you to upgrade your ship, and if you need any help feel free to sneak peek in our guide where you can find the complete list of 19 Elite Design Blueprints and their respective locations.

1. Elite Hull armour

  • Word: River Valley
  • Location: Genessee (365, -14)

2. Broadside Cannons

  • Word: River Valley
  • Location: Aarushi (959, -66)

3. Elite Heavy Shot

  • Word: North Atlantic
  • Location: The Sapphire (915, -337)

4. Elite Mortars

  • Word: North Atlantic
  • Location: HMS Miranda shipwreck (720, -178)

5. Burning Oil Strenght

  • Word: River Valley
  • Location: Otetiani (198, -430)

6. Elite Icebreaker Ram Upgrades

  • Word: North Atlantic
  • Location: Fogo (920, -67)

7. Round Shot Strength

  • Word: New York
  • Location: East Village (504, -348)

8. Elite Puckle Gun Strength

  • Word: New York
  • Location: Lower Manhattan (500, -608)

9. Elite Explosive Shot Strength

  • Word: River Valley
  • Location: Riviere Aurifere (577, -300)

10. Elite Puckle Gun Cylinder Size Blueprint

  • World: North Atlantic
  • Location: Nerepis (132, -744)

11. Elite Heavy Shot Storage Blueprint

  • World: North Atlantic
  • Location: Pearl Island (948, -928)

12. Elite Mortar Storage

  • Word: North Atlantic
  • Location: Terra Nova (797, -480)

13. Elite Burning Oil Storage

  • Word: North Atlantic
  • Location: Gros Morne (499, -311)
  • Special Note: We would like to thank user MOMO for additional information.

14. Aquila Sails

  • Word: New York
  • Location: Waterfront (493, -724)

15. Blackbeard Sails

  • Word: New York
  • Location: King’s Farm (315, -284)

16. Aquila Figurehead

  • Word: River Valley
  • Location: Dekanawida (484, -664, )

17. Blackbeard Figurehead

  • World: New York
  • Location: Stuyvesant’s Farm (594, -476)


18. Aquila Wheel

  • Word: New York
  • Location: Stuyvesant’s Farm (555, -491)

19. Blackbeard Wheel Blueprint

  • World: North Atlantic
  • Location: Le Chameau (68, -480)

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  1. R
    Rogue one

    Thanks a bunch mates

  2. J

    How didmyounreach the broadside cannons blueprint? I can’t seem to find a path. A video would be awesome

    1. M

      did you ever find elite canon up grade

      1. J

        Its like an impossible rout to find… you need to like go through a cave and then like go down at the right place, i found a good video for it

    2. I

      search INSIDE the fort until you find a rock with a little horizontal gap underneath it
      press RT to limbo under it
      follow the path
      go through the cave until you reach an open area
      go across the logs to get that sync point
      find the gears and cogs (blueprint icon) on your new map
      find out how to get to it
      break in the chest like arnold shwarcenegger
      there we go!
      the world is your oyster

    3. T
      thats easy look up

      im a teen so i have all the knowledge you need

    4. S
      Savannah Paige

      You must jump across a tree than, swing on a branch to a clifff, but ull fall into a cave entrance, than you must swim back to a cavern with a climbable wall he act explained it quite well, its a big island, i cant even find the last cave painting, however the blueprint shoulnt be too hard for an experienced AC player..

  3. M

    Elite Burning Oil Storage North Atlantic, Gros Morne 499, -311

  4. I
    iranian Player

    I am a viking now

    1. I

      i am a 11th century templar now

  5. E

    awesome thanks

  6. M

    how do i get to the elite broad side canon up grade

    1. I

      ah yes
      go around the wooden fort
      find the rock with a horizontal gap in it
      RT (xbox) to limbo underneath it
      follow the path (REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING)
      go through the cave system (REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING)
      walk across a couple of logs
      get to the sync point (REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING)
      find the gears and cogs on the map
      get to it (REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING)
      break in like arnold swharchenegger
      there we go
      that wasn’t too hard

  7. P

    I have I problem I took the elite mortar storage but I can’t put it it still says blueprint required

  8. I brought the technology pack. It says that all my blueprints are available in my cabin. But I can’t seem to find out how to add them to my ship. Could you tell me how?

    1. K

      u hav to get the required amount of resources and money to unlock it.

  9. A

    Thanks man. Was looking everywhere for a guide like this : )

  10. A

    When I took over the King’s Farm gang HQ, the map appeared and showed the blueprints for the Blackbeard Sails on the map for a short time. I went on to do another collectible for a while, but when I looked at the map, the blueprint icon was gone. When I got to where it was supposed to be, the chest was empty. I know I didn’t reach it before, so what gives? 🙁

    1. Y

      I have the same problem,do you have the solution now?

    2. J

      dude check for the right place try another place

  11. S
    Stefano Modanesi

    I have a problem: I can’t take any project. I can’t open the chests or do anything. I don’t understend why.
    And the symbols there aren’t in my map…

  12. C

    How do I use the damn elite blueprints I have found a few yet still can not do the upgrades .

    1. L

      You need to learn all previous upgrades, you can’t skip to the elite ones right away.

  13. M

    The real location for the elite ice breaker ram blueprint is 921,-77 the location he wrote leads to a cave painting.

  14. J

    you guys just figure it out i am a 13 year old and i found all of these

  15. J

    besides i went to all the coordinates and found all of them

  16. J

    Why doesn’t my blueprint icon show up in any situation.. even if I show up in front of the blueprint box there’s nothing

  17. V

    thank you so much mate I have been searching for so long and now I know where they are so thank you

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