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Murder At The Palace! is a Dreadful Crime in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. A guard at Buckingham Palace has been killed and Frederick Abberline needs your help to catch the murderer. In this guide we’ll show you how to solve Murder At The Palace in AC: Syndicate.
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To start the investigation, go to the main gates of the Palace and meet with Frederick Abberline. Follow him to the Queen’s Study on the Palace’s second floor.


Accusing the right suspect will get you:
  • XP: 1500
  • £: 2750
  • Dove Cane-sword

Step #1: Queen’s Study

  1. Guardsman’s Body – leaning against the screen next to the wall safe.
  2. Guest List – on the desk near the screen and the body.
  3. Vase – on the floor next to the body.
  4. Letter from Scotland Yard – on a small table next to one of the chairs in front of the fireplace.
  5. Window – opposite the door you came through.
  6. Vault – on the wall next to the body.
Once you’ve examined the clues, Queen Victoria appears and asks you to leave her alone in the room until she gets something out of the vault. When you leave the room, activate your Eagle Vision to eavesdrop on her. She’ll then call you back into the room.

  1. Queen Victoria – inquire about the Body, the Vault, and the Event.

Step #2: Artie’s Yard, The Strand

You’ll now have to make your way to the backyard of your friend Artie, he’s been abducted. Grab a carriage and head there.

arties yard map
Location of Artie’s Yard
  1. Evidence Wall
  2. Blank Paper – in the corner of the yard, on a wall made of planks.
  3. Evidence Wall – on the opposite side from the blank paper.
  1. Buck – the boy nearest to the evidence. Speak with him about Artie, and the Evidence Wall.
  2. Dooley – ask him about Artie, the Evidence Wall, and Henry Raymond.
Now return to the blank paper, throw a smoke bomb at the ground, and examine it again. Something was written on it with invisible ink. This will unlock a new investigation zone.

Step #3: Purlock Publishing, The Strand

Head east, to the other end of the next block of buildings (check the map below for the location).

  1. Dynamite crates – on the second floor. They’re next to a chair and below a shelf on the wall to the left of the stairs as you go up them.
  2. Map – on the third floor.
  3. Galley Proof – on the edge of a cabinet on the top floor.
  4. Anti-royalist Pamphlets – spread across a table in the corner of the same room.

Step #4: Buckingham Palace, Westminster

Objective: Speak to a Palace Guardsman

palace guardsman
Speak to the guardsman
Grab a chariot and race back to Buckingham palace. Talk to the guardsman standing at the end of the long walkway that leads to the palace courtyard.

Objective: Evacuate the 3 party guests

Cut the guardsman short if he keeps yapping and run into the palace. You have 1 minute to evacuate the guests and find the Queen. Turn right to warn the crowd that is standing close to the stairs. Turn around and head up the long flight of stairs to the left of the entrance. There is a group of guests halfway up the stairs. Approach them and warn them to leave. From the place where you warned the second group, turn right and go up the stairs to the upper floor, then turn left and into a long hall. You’ll see the third group of guests ahead.

Objective: Locate the Queen

the queen
The Queen
Now head to the door on the other side of the hall from the one you entered. Go through the door into the room and turn right. The Queen is standing next to a red screen.

Once everyone’s safe, you realize that Raymond has tricked you, at which point you’ll be transported to the Animus where Henry Raymond is waiting for you. You must now revisit the key areas of all the murder investigations you’ve conducted thus far.

Step #5: Memory Palace

Go through the Whitechapel G.A. metal gate ask Artie “Why evacuate?” Turn around and head to the seance table where the conjurer was killed. Interrogate Douglas who is standing next to the table.

When you’re done talking to Douglas, Purlock Publishing appears to your right. Approach and inspect the topmost dynamite crate. Inspecting the crate will conjure a scene from Death Stalks The Colonel to your right. Inspect the topmost dynamite crate again.

Walk out of the previous crime scene and head toward the three Henry Raymonds behind you. You must choose the Henry who committed the crimes. There are Diversion, Save Lives, or Terrorist Henry. If you don’t want to guess, go to Diversion and accuse him. It will unlock another crime scene. In the next scene, head to the picnic table and inspect the papers scattered on it.

Head to the next crime scene and speak with Mrs. Ashton about “Diversion from what?” Head to the next crime scene and inspect the newspaper on the desk next to Cashan’s bed.

Now return to the psychic’s room and interrogate Colonel Asquith. Speak with him about “Diversion from what?” Return to the three Henrys again. You now confront the Kidnapper, Murderer, and Master Thief. Like before, you can either talk to them all or just accuse Master Thief Henry. Head back to the Death Stalks The Colonel scene and ask Curtis “how was it stolen?”

The next crime scene appears behind you. Head over there and inspect the spider at the edge of the desk next to the dead body. The scene after it appears on your left. Approach Artie and ask “How was it stolen?”

You now have to confront the three Henrys again. The one you need to accuse is Observe Henry.

Step #6: Buckingham Palace – Entryway

You wake up from the Animus to the cries of Frederick Abberline. Raymond has taken Artie hostage! They’re on the roof, and Evie/Jacob has come to help you sort things out. You’ll see a green marker on the roof, use your Rope Launcher to climb up there immediately. Follow the green marker until you reach Henry and Artie. You point your gun at Henry and then the game switches to the other Frye twin.

As the other sibling, climb to the roof of the palace and follow the red marker. You’ll see Henry, Artie and your sibling ahead of you, on a raised part of the roof. Approach it from the back, then climb up and assassinate Henry.

kill henry
Climb up the back and assassinate Henry
You’ve completed the Dreadful Crimes in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to re-play them, but you will get a special reward: the Dove Cane-sword.

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    do not climb up to kill raymond stand on the green roof below him and shoot him any other ways and he kills artie.

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      I just had Jacob shimmy around the ledge of the building they were on & ledge-assassinate Henry from behind.

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    Both of the above instructions did not work. Anyone else.

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