AC Unity The Body In The Brothel - Murder Mystery Guide

The Body In The Brothel – Murder Mystery is located in Halles district, Venter de Paris part of the map. Be aware that you can start this Murder Mystery only after completing Marquis de Sade Paris Stories.
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There are three Marquis de Sade stories in total that once completed unlocks The Body in the Brothel Murder Mystery. Once you complete the first one – My Kingdom for Some Whores, the second – De Sade’s Reprieve unlocks. When you complete the second quest the third one named – Sadistic Blackmail unlocks. You can complete them all in Porte-Saint-Denis district, Ventre de Paris part of the map.The main reward for completing the Body in The Brothel is a Long weapon – Voulge and 150 Livres. In-game weapon description: A polearm with a broad, chopping blade.

Brothel – Clues (7/7)

Seven clues can be found in the same room where you discovered the dead body. Only two of them are statements.

  1. BROTHEL – Woman’s body
  2. BROTHEL – Ropes and gag
  3. BROTHEL – Diary
  4. BROTHEL – Whip
  5. BROTHEL – Spikes and hooks
  6. BROTHEL – Statement of Micheline
  7. BROTHEL – Statement of Anna

Leather shop – Clues (2/2)

Leather shop map location appears on the map once you collect clue Brothel – Whip. It is located in southeastern Porte-Saint-Denis district. You’ll find both clues on the ground floor.

  1. LEATHER SHOP – Delivery book
  2. LEATHER SHOP – Statement of the Leather Worker

Student’s Hovel – Clues (2/2)

Student’s Novel location is shown on the map once you collect any clue from the Leather Shop. It’s hidden on the last floor of the blacksmith house, just a house away from the Leather Shop.

  1. STUDENT’S HOVEL – Book: 120 Days of Sodom by Donatien A.-F., Marquis de Sade
  2. STUDENT’S HOVEL – Statement of the Student

Meeting Place – Clue (1/1)

Meeting Place location appears on map once you collect clue Student’s Hovel – Statement of the Student. It is located on the edge of the Paris, to the north from Student’s Hovel.

  1. MEETING PLACE – Statement of the Vagabond

House – Clues (2/2)

Once you collect the clue Meeting Place – Statement of the Vagabond, location of the House appears on the map . It is to the east from the Meeting Place. Clues are on the second floor of the building.

  1. HOUSE – Scrapbook
  2. HOUSE – Mysterious letter

De Sade Villa – Clues (3/3)

This is the building where you started the Marquis de Sade Paris Stories. It feels like the right place where this mystery should end.

  1. DE SADE VILLA – Letter to valet
  2. DE SADE VILLA – Statement of the Valet
  3. DE SADE VILLA – Statement of the Marquis de Sade

Find the Murderer

At the end of the Mystery accuse the murderer Olivier for his crimes inside De Sade Villa.
AC Unity The Body in the Brothel Find the Murderer
The Murderer!


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