AC Unity Confession walkthrough Sequence 3 - Memory 2

Find Bellec on the map to trigger the next memory of the main story line. Your objectives include: Steal the key of Notre-Dame, Infiltrate Notre-Dame, Assassinate Sivert, Escape the area.
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Side objectives include not triggering any alarms, as well as two kills from hiding spots.

To infiltrate the palace, acquire keys from either the two thugs who stole the keys from a priest. The thugs are much closer to your starting position and we choose to go for them. Use Eagle Vision to reveal the closest thugs position, follow him over the rooftops and once he enters a building, just get behind him and steal the keys.Alternatively, you can go for Sivert’s compatriot who is on the other side of Notre-Dame. When you get close to him, he starts going to meeting with a priest. You can use a smoke bomb and assassinate him to acquire the keys.

There are many ways to enter Notre-Dame. We choose the balcony entrance, above the front door after we acquired a key from the thugs. Go from the north-east side of Notre-Dame and climb your way up, you’ll find a priest in between two doors, open either and you’ll be inside.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-3-Memory-2-Balcony-Entrance Image
Balcony entrance is above the front door.
Once inside, take the stairs down and take down the 3 guards patrolling the balcony. Keep going on the left side of the balcony, using the ropes and you’ll spot Sivert patrolling the back corridors of Notre-Dame. Jump down into a hay bale to not get discovered. If you miss, you can still hide inside the crowd or quickly in the hay bale and you won’t get spotted.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-3-Memory-2-Notre-Dame-Route Image
Sivert will enter the back corridors of Notre-Dame, follow him.
His patrolling area is protected by 3 guards. Find a hiding spot and wait for a opportune moment to take down the 3 guards in quick succession. If your timing is right, Sivert will come back to the room from patrolling after you took all 3 guards down, assassinate him and your main objective is complete.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-3-Memory-2-Hiding-Spot Image
Hide here until you have a opportune moment to kill all 3 guards.
Your next objective is to escape the area, which can be done in several ways as well. Probably the easiest way is to go down the underground pass, which is activated by a small switch. There are a few hiding spots here you can use. Try to not get detected, or perform stealth assassinations as you go along. Once you’ve escaped, the Confession Memory will be finished.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-3-Memory-2-Escape-The-Area Image
Use the switch to open a underground passage.