AC Unity Sync Point Locations - Danton's Sacrifice Co-op

Danton’s Sacrifice is a three star difficulty Co-op mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity in which up to 4 players can participate. The starting position is in Tuileries – Le Louvre district of Paris. While completing this Co-op mission you can find three Sync Points. Since the mission starts in Le Louvre area, collecting its Sync Points counts towards Le Louvre Sync Points 6/6 completion.

Starting Location

Sync Point Locations

The first Sync Point is located inside the sewers, in Tuileries district. The entrance is close to the ruined stone statue next to the gallows. Climb down the wooden ladder that leads to the sewers. On the first crossroads turn left. Follow the path through the sewers until you spot a metal fence on your right side. Run and slide through a fence gap and collect the Sync Point.The second Sync Point is to the northeast from the previous location, in Vendome district. Look for the Sync Point inside a huge building on the ground floor. Use the entrances on the southeastern part of the building.The third Sync Point can be found while completing the last mission objective – Retrieve Danton’s letters, in Feydeau district. You have to find and open the locked door. This is a three pin lock. It’ll be very hard, if not impossible, to unlock the door without master locksmith skill. Once you unlock the door, climb onto the second floor. The Sync Point is next to the table.
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  1. E

    It is possible to have a lvl2 locksmith unlocking a lvl 3 door. I’ve done it twice now.
    I’ve got 30 lockpicks with me (due to my clothing upgrades) and the first time it cost me 21 tries for the three pins.
    Second time 5. You just need a good timing reflex. But hey, you got 30 tries!

    1. C

      I agree. Level 2 locksmith is high enough when you start out with 32 picks (you need to wear a specific belt). It usually only takes me about a dozen to pick one and once I was even able to pick it without breaking a single pick.

  2. D

    I’ve been trying to unlock lvl2/3 chests/doors with success, spending though a lot of lock picks while in lvl1/2 but there are certain missions having extra locked doors/chests related to the plot that require lvl3 skill and won’t open.

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