AC Unity Sync Point Locations - Political Persecution Co-op

Political Persecution is a four star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to four players can participate. The starting location is in Temple – La Marais district.
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There are four hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission.

Starting Location

Sync Point Locations

The first Sync Point can be easily skipped. It’s far away from the first Co-op Mission objective area – Speak to the Girondists. Additional difficulty is the fact that the first objective is limited to 5 minutes. Once you complete the first objective, the next one – LIGHT the pyres on La Bastile takes you even further away from the Sync Point.
If you want to collect all Sync Points starting with the first one, follow the long roof where the mission starts. At the end of the rooftop you can spot a block of buildings surrounding a hedge maze. In the center of the maze you’ll see a small stone tower, and the first Sync point on the rooftop. You can also, come back here after you complete the first objective.The second Sync Point is located near the southern entrance of La Bastille – the large fortress where you can complete the objective – LIGHT the pyres on La Bastile. Once you enter the fortress (on the ground level), turn right, and you’ll see a locked door in the corner of the room. Behind the three pin lock you can find the Second Sync Point.Once you complete the objective – LIGHT the pyres on La Bastile head south toward the next mission objective site. On your way down there is T-shaped building that hides the third Sync Point on the second floor. Sync Point is located inside the southern part. You should be able to spot it once you get close to the building and use your eagle vision to scan the area.The last Fourth Sync Point is within the area of the last Co-op Mission objective – OPEN the sewer gates. Trace the stream that flows in eastern Paris. As you reach the tiny peninsula in southern Arsenal – Le Marais district, you’ll spot a small entrance on the nearby wall. Enter the small tunnel and you’ll find yourself in front of three pin locked door. Fourth Sync Point is behind the door.
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