AC Unity Sync Point Locations - The Food Chain Co-op

The Food Chain is a two star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to four players can participate. The starting location is in the Hotel de Ville – Ventre de Paris district.
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There are two hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. Just like most of the Co-ops you can solo this mission and collect all Sync Points without rushing to complete the objectives.

Starting Location

Sync Points Location

The First Sync Point is in the first Co-op Mission area. This is the area where the objective – Find Theroigne de Mericourt takes place. After investigating two food sacks you’ll discover her location. Before you go after her be sure to collect the first Sync Point. It is located on the first floor of the building with rusty rooftop. Although there are a lot of enemies around this building, you can easily avoid them if you jump onto the second floor from the rooftop of the nearby building.After you find Theroigne de Mericourt you have to defend her while escaping the area. As you complete the objective, the next one appears – Kill the Templars. This is where you’ll find the second Sync Point. The Sync Point is to the south from two green marked areas where you can find Templars. It’s on the last floor of the building inside a hostile (red marked) area on the map. Entrance that leads towards the point is inside the building. Watch out for snipers on the rooftops.
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