Swamp Hive Nectar Location in Avatar Frontiers

As part of The Eye of Eywa main quest in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you will have to gather some Swamp Hive Nectar. When you open up your Hunter’s Guide, it will say this about it: “Most commonly found in the Swamp Lowlands biome of the Silk Woods in the Kinglor Forest.” Though, as this is a pretty rare resource, it can be hard to find. To help you, we are going to tell you the exact Swamp Hive Nectar Location in Avatar Frontiers The Eye of Eywa quest.

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Swamp Hive Nectar Location in Avatar Frontiers - The Eye of Eywa
Swamp Hive Nectar Location in Avatar Frontiers – The Eye of Eywa

Where to Find Swamp Hive Nectar in Avatar Frontier of Pandora

It is very hard to find the Swamp Lowlands biome in Silk Woods. I’ve found this biome in other regions bordering Silk Woods, but not in the Silk Woods themsleves until some thorough searching. There is a small patch of swamp lowlands to be found south of the Hometree, really close to where the quest marker is leading you. The Swamp Hive Nectar itself can be found inside of Swamp Hives. These hang on the underside of great roots that protrude from the ground. The unfortunate thing is that the land was poluted for me so I couldn’t pick up the Swamp Hive Nectar there.

To be able to pick these up, you will first have to clear out a rather big RDA gas extraction facility to the southeast. This will cleanse the land of pollution and then make it possible for you to gather the Swamp Hive Nectar. So make your way to this facility and clear it out and after that you will be free to pick up the Swamp Hive Nectar. We have marked all of the relevant locations for this quest in our screenshot gallery which you can see directly below.

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