BG3 Shadowheart Best Feats at Level 4

Shadowheart, the secretive and mysterious Cleric, is among the first companions that you will be able to meet and recruit in Baldur’s Gate 3. And, being an Origin character, you can also choose to play as her as well. In either case, once Shadowheart reaches Level 4, you are going to be faced with one of the most important character-building choices in the game – what Lvl 4 feat to choose for her. The right feat can make her substantialy more powerful, while a suboptimal selection won’t help her much (or at all). As there are dozens of available feats, we want to help you select the ones that are the best for Shadowheart and your playstyle. So here are the best feats for Shadowheart at Level 4 in BG3.

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Best Feats for Shadowheart at level 4 BG3
BG3 Shadowheart Best Feats at Level 4

Best Shadowheart Feats Baldur’s Gate 3

While every feat will make Shadowheart a more powerful character, there are feats that are simply better than others. As she is a Cleric and her primary attribute for casting spells is Wisdom, the best feat you can take for her is the Ability Improvement. We recommend that you put both points into WIS (so that she will have 19), but a point into WIS and another point into STR (so that it is at 14) also works. When Shadowheart isn’t slinging spells, she can usually be found in the thick of it, as a back-up melee fighter, so STR is something that is also always useful for her.

If you want to play Shadowheart as an more melee-oriented character, then Heavily Armored is a good choice. This will give her proficiency in Heavy Armor, as well as an extra point in STR. Next, Shield Master. This will make increase Shadowheart’s Dexterity Saving Throws while she is wielding a shield. Spell Sniper is another good choice. With it, she is going to gain an additional cantrip, and her spells will be more likely to crit. War Caster will allow her to more easily maintain Concentration on her spells. And finally, Ritual Caster. Selecting this feat will cause Shadowheart to learn two Ritual spells (such as Summon Familiar and Speak with Dead). If you don’t have any characters with these, then this is a good choice, as all of these spells are beyond useful.

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