BG3 Best Manoeuvres

The Battle Master is a Fighter subclass, and it comes with some of the most interesting gameplay mechanics in the entire game. Namely, when you select the Battle Master as your – or Lae’zel’s – Fighter subclass, you will gain the Superiority Die feature. This allows you to choose several special manoeuvres that you can then use in combat. You can only select three of these, so it’s important that you make sure that you have choosen the best manoeuvres in BG3. So here are the ones that you will get the most out of.

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BG3 Best Manoeuvres
BG3 Best Manoeuvres

Best Manouvres for Battle Master in BG3

In total, there are 14 Battle Master manouvres: Commander’s Strike, Disarming Attack, Distracting Strike, Evasive Footwork, Feinting Attack, Goading Attack, Manouvering Attack, Menacing Attack, Precision Attack, Pushing Attack, Rally, Riposte, Sweeping Attack, and Trip Attack. As already mentioned, you can only select three of these. Note that there is also the Martial Adept feat, which can give other classes a limited version of the Battle Master’s manouvre ability. If you select this feat at Level 4 (or later), you can choose two manouvres. And while the best manouvres are going to be the same regardless if you are playing a Battle Master or not, this guide has been made with the assumption that you are a BM Fighter.

First off – Trip Attack. The great thing about this manoeuvre is that it can knock the target Prone. This will cause its turn to be canceled and all of your characters will then gain Advantage on their nextr attack against it. Needless to say, if used at the right moment, you can not only neutralize the target’s turn, but also maximize your damage against it. Next, Pushing Attack. A great choice if you want to push back a target and deal some damage will doing so. For example, you can use it to get an enemy back into your party’s AoE spell radius.

Goading Attack is a taunt-style ability, and since Fighters are typically the party’s tanks as well, using it can get an enemy to target the Battle Master, instead of a squishy character such as a Wizard. Next up, Riposte. Because Fighters are often going to be missed by enemy melee attacks, Riposte allows them to strike back with a powerful attack directed at the foe. Finally, Disarming Attack. A disarmed enemy loses much of their damage potential, so this manoeuvre can be very potent.

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