BG3 Best Rogue Feats at Level 4

Wondering what the best level 4 Rogue feats in BG3 are? Can’t decide whether to go with the Dual Wielder feat or the Ability Improvement, or perhaps something else? We’re here to give you our two cents. Hopefully, this guide is going to help you make an informed choice about what the best feats for the Rogue are (at least on level 4). Let’s begin!

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bg3 best rogue feats at level 4
BG3 Best Rogue Feats at Level 4

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Level 4 Rogue Feat

There are several really good choices when it comes to the best Rogue feats at level 4 in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3. Going with the Ability Improvement is always a good idea no matter which class we’re talking about. Obviously, when it comes to rogues, you probably want to invest both Ability Points into Dexterity. That does depend on your overall build, of course. Another best rogue feat is Dual Wielder. It lets you use two-weapon fighting even if weapons aren’t Light (but not Heavy), plus grants +1 AC when wielding two melee weapons. So, that’s a really good choice if you want your Rogue to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

There are two other level 4 Rogue feats in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3 that can work well if your rogue is more of a ranged fighter. The first one is Sharpshooter. It saddles you with a +5 to Attack Rolls with ranged weapons you are proficient with, but you deal an extra 10 damage. Also, you don’t suffer any penalties from High Ground Rules. The second one is Crossbow Expert. This lets you make crossbow attacks within melee range without Disadvantage on Attack Rolls. Also, your Piercing Shot inflicts Gaping Wounds for twice as long. There are other decent choices, depending on your build. For example, Mobile can come in handy if you want the rogue to zoom around the battlefield unimpeded by terrain and Opportunity Attacks.

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