Disable BG3 Arcane Turrets in Arcane Tower

In our Disable BG3 Arcane Turrets in Arcane Tower guide, we are going to explain how to disable the turrets in Baldur’s Gate 3 and gain access to the Tower. It is pretty tricky and requires you to sneak around the tower. That way, you can grab the item necessary to shut the turrets down and also enter the Tower through the back door. Here’s every step you need to do.

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disable bg3 arcane turrets in arcane tower
Disable BG3 Arcane Turrets in Arcane Tower

How to Disable Arcane Turrets in Arcane Tower Baldur’s Gate 3

To disable the Arcane Turrets protecting the Arcane Tower in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3, you first have to get your party out of harm’s way. Next, uncouple your sneakiest and sleight-of-handiest character from the party; they’ll have to go alone. While avoiding the line of sight of the turrets as much as possible, head to the south, towards the giant mushrooms. Jump onto the big red mushroom, then onto the blue one. Basically, just follow the path we’ve laid out in the first screenshot below. It will take some precision and care, but eventually, you’ll find yourself in the courtyard of the tower. Head to the east and into the garden. Pick up one of the Sussur Bloom flowers.

The next step to disable the Arcane Tower Turrets in Baldur’s Gate 3 or BG3 is to head to the west and into the tower. You will have to pick the lock, hence the necessity for a high Slight of Hand score. Alternatively, there’s a hole in one of the walls near the door that you can squeeze through if you are small enough (or can turn into a small enough animal). Make your way to the Power Generator (X: 33, Y: 283) and interact with it. Put the Sussur Bloom inside, and that will disable the Turrets. It is now safe for the rest of the party to join you. Rejoin them however you find most expedient and continue on your journey.

Put the Sussur Bloom into the Generator
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  1. J

    I had 3 sussur blooms with me, and nothing happened when i put them in the power generator.

  2. J

    Nevermind, i went up to the elevator and then down again to the power generator and i could use it with 3 blooms.

  3. G

    You can also use Shatter if they fail the save they shut down.

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