Baldur's Gate 3 Find Your Belongings Bugged

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Your Belongings quest is bugged still, just like it used to be in early access. Even if you do everything as you’re supposed to, which is difficult enough already, you might not receive the stolen items after all. You should be able to find your way into the tiefling hideout and then ask their leader, Mol, you give you your stuff back. However, the bug prevents that step from happening, and you permanently lose your valuables. Is there anything you can do about it? Let’s find out.

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baldurs gate 3 find your belongings bugged
Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Your Belongings Bugged

How to Fix Find Your Belongings Quest Bug in Baldur’s Gate 3

At time of writing, there is no actual fix for the Baldur’s Gate 3 Find your Belongings quest bug. At least, there isn’t one I’m aware of. If you’ve managed to cobble something together, let me know in the comments. However, it might not be an actual glitch. See, there are many ways to flub this quest. The first thing you need to try is talk to Doni, another tiefling kid standing nearby and to the left of where Mattis was. Look to where he’s looking, and then do an investigation check to see where he went. If the roll fails, do a long rest and talk to Doni again. Once the hatch is revealed, you go down and talk to Mol.

Now, the reason I say the Baldur’s Gate 3 Find your Belongings quest might not be bugged is that there are two kids you need to save. One of them is Mirkon, who is being attacked by harpies near Secluded Cove. There’s also a girl tiefling in trouble near your camp. Saving both of them may or may not help endear you to Mol and maybe get your stuff back. Also, we’ve noticed that one of the oxen in Druid’s Grove mentions that tieflings hide stuff in his hay. We checked and indeed found some stuff. So, if Mol refuses to give your possessions back, maybe try looking for them there. I can’t say for certain if any of these steps will work, but it’s worth a shot.

UPDATE: Another option is to go into the Tiefling Hideout and raid their stash. It won’t complete the quest, but it will let you get back any item that you might have had stolen. It’s far from an ideal solution, but at least your valuable won’t be irretrievably lost.

how to fix find your belongings quest bug in baldurs gate 3
Thieves’ stash location
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    I love this article, it really helped me find my belongings from those pesky child thieves. Thank you.

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