BG3 Incompatible Version Save Error

While the launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 has went off with any major problems, the first real issue has recently appeared. Namely, after the last patch – Hotfix 4 – players started getting constant crashes. Several hours after this, this patch was rolled back. The plan is to get it fixed up and then re-release it. Unfortunately, since the game has been reversed to an older version, this caused the Incompatible Version Save Error in BG3. Here’s what you should know about this error, including exactly why it is occuring, and whether or not you can do anything on your end to fix it.

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BG3 Incompatible Version Save Error
BG3 Incompatible Version Save Error

BG3 Incompatible Version Save File Error

Basically, this problem has started happening once the game was rolled back from the broken Hotfix 4 version of the game, to the old and working Hotfix 3 version of Baldur’s Gate 3. What this did was cause all of the save games that have been made in this period while Hotfix 4 was up and before it was rolled back – to be incompatible. If you have played the Early Access version of the game and then installed the full release version, then you already know that your saves from the EA were no longer usable. This is the same thing.

So what can you do about this problem, and is there any way you can somehow fix it? Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything you can do here. The only solution is to be patient and wait until Larian have fixed this issue with Hotfix 4 and then they have re-released it. They have stated that your saves are going to work then. Hopefully, we won’t need to wait too long for this to happen. Since they have been patching the game pretty quickly ever since it came out, odds are good that they will have this resolved very soon.

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