How to Kill BG3 Commander Zhalk

There are many, many fearsome foes for you to battle and defeat in Baldur’s Gate III. Killing them is typically very beneficial, since they drop all sorts of powerful loot for you to use (or sell for a tidy profit). However, some enemies are a lot easier to take down than others. For example, the first time you encounter a truly powerful enemy is near the start of the game, when you come across Commander Zhalk. This Level 8, 150 HP boss isn’t really meant to be fought, but the Commander Zhalk sword is a very nice weapon that you can get out of it. Here’s how to easily kill Commander Zhalk and get his Fire Sword in BG3.

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How to Kill Commander Zhalk Easily and Get Fire Sword Baldur's Gate 3
How to Kill BG3 Commander Zhalk

How to Kill Commander Zhalk and Get Fire Sword in BG3

Now, there are several things that you need to be aware of here. At this moment in the game, while you are still Level 1, Commander Zhalk is way out of your league. The only reason why he hasn’t taken you out is that he’s busy fighting the Mind Flayer. As such, you shouldn’t even think about engaging him fairly, since this will only lead to a quick load game. Also, note that you only have about five turns to beat Commander Zhalk. After that, other powerful enemies are going to spawn in, and they will go right after you. So, what is the best strategy here?

Well, the good news is that you don’t really even have to fight Commander Zhalk in order to get his Fire Sword. A great strategy for the Commander Zhalk fight is to use Shadowheart and have her successfully cast Command on him to get him to drop the sword. Then simply pick it up. After that, you don’t even need to kill him, since you’ve gotten the most powerful item out of him. It is the Everburn Blade, and is a very useful weapon, especially for a martial-oriented main character (such as a Fighter or Barbarian), or for Lae’zel.

But if you still want to beat him, reload the game until the Mind Flayer manages to stun him. After that, unload everything that you have on Commander Zhalk. Since he is stunned, all the attacks should connect and do some nice damage. Finally, regardless of if you only got him to drop the weapon or if you killed him, don’t forget to actually pick up the Everburn Blade before you interact with the bridge – which completes the fight. Otherwise, you will miss out on it.

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