BG3 Nightsong Kill or Save Choice

The BG3 Nightsong Kill or Save choice is one of the most consequential choices you’ll face in Baldur’s Gate 3. It has huge, long-lasting consequences that can lock you out of several different side quests. I don’t think it ruins the main story, but you’ll definitely feel the results. In this guide, we are going to explain whether you should save or kill the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3 and why. Don’t worry, I’ll put up a spoiler warning once we get to them.

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bg3 nightsong kill or save choice
BG3 Nightsong Kill or Save Choice

BG3 Nightsong – Should you Save or Kill Nightsong

Long story short, you should save and not kill the Nightsong when given the choice in BG3, or Baldur’s Gate 3. This gives you a far more favorable result overall. Yes, you will have to pass a DC 21 Charisma check, but it’s worth it. The only reason I’d say you should different is if you really want to go for a really evil result. Huge, major, enormous SPOILERS from here on out.

If you kill the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3, Shadowheart will fully embrace her evil goddess Shar. She will receive the Shar’s Spear of Evening legendary weapon as a reward. Several major NPCs are going to die, including Isobel, Dammon (blocking you from Karlach’s quest), Jaheira and Art Cullagh (blocking you from enlisting Halsin). You will never find out who the Nightsong actually is. Also, romancing Shadowheart might be more difficult to romance now that her religious fervor is at its pitch. Those are the consequences if you choose this in the Save or Kill the Nightsong choice in BG3.

If you do manage to convince Shadowheart not to kill the Nightsong, you’ll find out that the mysterious entity is actually a deva (aka an angel) and a daughter of the moon goddess Seluna called Dame Aylin. The weapons you get are the Moonlight Glaive and the Selune’s Spear of Night. No NPCs will die, and you’ll have a deva on your side in the boss fight against Ketheric Thorm, which is a huge boon. Shadowheart will be very shaken by losing Shar’s guidance and her hair will turn white, possibly to indicate her reverting to a cleric of Seluna. It’s also easier to further your romance with her. At the very least, she’s not a servant of an evil deity anymore.

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    Matthew Cubbage

    You get more than the Moonlight Glaive by saving Dame Aylin. She gives you Selune’s Spear of Night at your camp after fighting Kethric. It is 6-14 Damage (1d8 Piercing + 1d4 Necrotic) also giving you Selune’s Blessing: Gain Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws and Perception Checks, Darkvision to 12m, Weapon Enchantment +3, as well as the cantrips Moonbeam, and Moonmote. The Moonbeam can also be recast and moved so long as the caster does not lost concentration. I think this version is vastly superior to Shar’s, as like the rest of her gear you need to be obscured somewhat to get the best benefits.

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