BG3 True Love's Caress & Embrace Lovers Rings

In our BG3 True Love’s Caress & Embrace Lovers Rings guide, we are going to show you where to find the locations of both the True Love’s Caress and True Love’s Embrace Rings. They’re close to each other, but both of them are pretty easy to miss. After that, we will explain what the two rings actually do and how to use them.

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bg3 true loves caress & embrace lovers rings
BG3 True Love’s Caress & Embrace Lovers Rings

BG3 True Love’s Caress Ring Location

The location of the True Love’s Caress lovers ring in BG3 is in a small graveyard close to the House of Healing, a place you can visit during Act II. The cemetery is just to the east of it, to be exact, under a tall, gnarled tree. The coordinates are X: -150, Y: 45. Among the graves, you will find a skeleton still wearing a suit of armor. Loot it to get the ring and a diary (and a bone, but who cares). Read the story to find out what happened between these lovers and, of course, pick up the ring. It’s obvious that there’s a partner ring somewhere out there, so let’s get into it.

where to find true loves caress ring baldurs gate 3
True Love’s Caress location

BG3 True Love’s Embrace Ring Location

Now that we know where the True Love’s Caress ring is in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3, time to show you where its partner ring is, True Love’s Embrace. It’s in the House of Healing, not far from the first one at all. At the coordinates X: -212, Y: 0, you will find a skeleton on the floor between two of the beds. It doesn’t always appear when you hit the Highlight Objects button, so you can easily miss it. On the skeleton, you’ll find the ring and another diary, describing the same events from the husband’s point of view. Oh, and a dagger, but that’s completely unimportant.

true loves embrace ring location bg3 lovers rings
True Love’s Embrace location

Baldur’s Gate 3 True Love’s Rings Effect

The effect of the True Love’s rings in Baldur’s Gate 3 or BG3 is as follows: the person wearing True Love’s Embrace can cast the Gentle Warding Bond spell on the person wearing True Love’s Caress. The spell character receiving the spell gets resistance to all damage (which gets transferred onto the caster), as well as +1 to AC and Saving Throws. It’s fine, but really, this whole thing is about discovering the story of these two lovers. Is it a tragic cautionary tale, or is there something more sinister? I highly recommend you read both diaries very carefully and find the answer out yourself.

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