BG3 Waking Mind, Consume or Purge Slack Skinned Head Mind

Given the dark themes present in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s no wonder that you will often come across people and creatures in dire – sometimes gruesome – situations. When that happens, you will typically be presented with a choice on how to act. For example, you will come across a Slack-Skinned Head that you can interact with, putting various minds inside of it. One of these is the Waking Mind. When you speak to it, you will then be given a choice, whether to consume or purge the Waking Mind in the Slack Skinned Head in BG3. So what should you do here? We are going to go over both choices, their consequences, and see which one is the superior option.

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BG3 Waking Mind, Consume or Purge Slack Skinned Head Mind
BG3 Waking Mind, Consume or Purge Slack Skinned Head Mind

BG3 Waking Mind, Consume or Purge Mind of Slack Skinned Head Choice

When you start talking to the Waking Mind insde of the Slack-Skinned Head, you will soon learn its backstory. Namely, that it was a Githzerai – the cousin race of the Githyanki – and a powerful monk warrior. If you pass a passive Insight check, you’ll also learn that this isn’t the whole truth – that the Githzerai lead the Mind Flayers to its monestary in return for immortality. Which the Ilithid gave her, in their own sick way. She will then propose an offer – to share some of her knowledge with you, if you use your Tadpole to purge her mind, letting her finally have peace.

But just then, you will realize that there is another option – to consume her mind instead. So which option should you select here? Well, if you purge her mind, you will gain the Githzerai Mind Barrier trait. Needless to say, this is both useful to have, as well as the obvious good choice here. On the other hand, if you consume her, you won’t get anything – except the satisfaction of consuming a powerful and tasty mind. Select this option if you are playing as an evil character, but be aware that, mechanically, you’ll gain no benefit in doing so.

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