When is BG3 Patch 6 Release Date?

When is the BG3 Patch 6 release date going to be? Since its release, Baldur’s Gate 3 has gone on to sell millions of copy, win scores of awards, and receive almost universal critical and fan acclaim. A large part of why that is the case is the continued post-release support from developers Larian Studios. Each new patch and hotfix has not only addressed numerous bugs, but also added many highly sought after features. And now with Patch 6 on the horizon, many players are wondering when it is going to come out, and what they can expect from this patch. In this article, we are going to go over everything that we currently know about the BG3 Patch #6.

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When is BG3 Patch 6 Release Date
When is BG3 Patch 6 Release Date?

When is BG3 Patch 6 Coming Out?

Currently, there’s still no confirmed release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch #6. Still, considering that the devs recently tweeted about it, we can most likely expect it to drop sometime this week. That is, from today, Wednesday, February 14th, until Sunday, February 18th. Of course, as soon as we know more, we are going to update this article with updated info.

BG3 Patch 6 Changes & Fixes

Again, while we don’t know the full extent of every change and fix that is going to be included in Patch 6, the devs have given us plenty of hints about what’s to come. This includes the option of replacing a companion while speaking with the companion that you want to replace them with. Very handy. Shield Bash and Rebuke of the Mighty should now work as intended. Automatically triggered conversations will now prioritize your main character as the person speaking. This means that situations where your party members speak instead of the MC should, hopefully, be minimized. Patch 6 is going to be around 21GB in size and it will require 150GB of free space to install. It is going to come out for the PC, PS, and Xbox. The Mac version is coming at a later date.

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