Batman: Arkham Knight Dual Play Trailer Released

Rocksteady have released a new video for Batman: Arkham Knight. It shows off the dual play mode, in which Batman calls upon his allies to help him in battle.
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The showcase is narrated by lead programer Tim Hanagan, and is followed by a Q&A with fans.

The trailer shows Batman and Nightwing fighting 20 or so goons. Characters that can jump into the fray to help out the overwhelmed Batman include Nightwing (who we see in the video), Robin, Catwoman and potentially more. They will be controlled by an AI by default, but you’ll be able to take manual control over them at any time. While being controled by the computer, they won’t be able to disable enemies, only knock them down temporarily. Unless you choose to go for a team takedown.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the series finale, and it’s expected to launch on June 23rd, on Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4.

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