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Battleborn is out in some regions and people are already starting to report problems. Some of the issues players are experiencing can be fixed with basic workarounds, while others are more considerable and will have to be straightened out with patches.
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This guide will show you a list of known errors & problems in Battleborn, how to fix or avoid them.

battleborn errors problems

Battleborn Corrupted Save Data CE-34878-0

A number of players are reporting the game crashing and corrupting their save data. There’s no way to fix the broken save, but you can protect yourself by backing up the save after you finish the prologue. That way, you at least won’t have to go through that again. It’s advisable to back up the save data periodically, so you don’t have to repeat too much stuff if it gets corrupted.

Matchmaking Not Working in Battleborn

If you’re having troubles finding people to play PvP with, you’ll have to wait it out. The servers are having trouble keeping up with the demand and the matchmaking system isn’t doing a great job either. After the rush subsides and hopefully a patch fixes the netcode, the trouble will go away. Until then, there’s nothing you can do but keep trying.

Feature Currently Unavailable on PS4

If you’re having trouble accessing stuff after the prologue, check to see if the game has downloaded fully. It will let you play the tutorial mission even if the rest of the files are missing.

Player Initialization Failed

This error is the result of the servers being overloaded. If you’re getting it, you can either keep trying to start up the game, or leave it and try again later. If Gearbox doesn’t add more server power, it will be resolved once the Day 1 rush is over.

Battleborn Login Error

As with the issue above, there’s nothing to be done about this. Patience is key. The developers have underestimated the number of players who would try to log in on day one. Once the servers stop being hammered, you’ll be able to enjoy the game.

Co-op Bugs in Battleborn

The coop mode is riddled with problems. Some players are reporting their character not making any sound whatsoever – no footsteps, no shots, no voice. Others are having problems with the text being too small, without the option to enlarge it. You’ll have to wait for a patch to fix these issues.

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  1. L

    on xbox one i can’t finish a match or mission in online or solo im disconnected in 5 min or less every single time. i know for certain it isn’t ,my connection since im connected through wire. and every one of my other online games from halo 5 to titan fall to battle field hardline all work with zero issue. only in battleborn am i disconnected and shown the error that im disconnected from xbox live. this is extremely frustrating since i bought the deluxe version of the game and is unable to play a single match with out any problems.

    1. M

      Same for me too. I’ve gotten a few full matches in, but otherwise it’s just constant kicks a few minutes in. When I kicked out, I’m still listed as connected to XBox Live despite it saying my connection being lost.

  2. B

    My game just will not start. Itll load the intitilization where it says 2k and gearbox and then it just shuts down and takes me back to xbox home

    1. J

      So mine does the same thing on PC. All I get is the Battleborn graphic logo… Might get a refund from Steam.

  3. K

    omg.. what an f up game this is… just bought it today,, but can’t even play the tutorial because there are server issues… very bad guys, esp for a game that had a beta :>

  4. A

    What the hell is wrong with this game? I can never play online but every other online game works. It either spins in lobby mode for several minutes and then drops me in a game by myself or when I try to play with my brother it is constant “connection failed”. Worst game ever, I want my money back!

  5. D
    Dante carnelian

    No matter how many times I play and beat the prologue it wont let me play episode 1

  6. S
    Shaun Becker

    I’m having the exact same issue, think I’ve played prologue about 10 times now…..

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