Battlefield 1 Best Assault Class Gun Hellriegel 1915

The best gun for the Assault class in Battlefield 1 is the Hellriegel 1915 Factory in our opinion. It excels at close to medium range engagements, and the large sixty-bullet magazine will let you keep continuously firing and dealing damage. The damage model is standard. The maximum damage is 23 at 15 meters; you will need 5 body shots to take down your enemy. The minimum damage is 13,5 and it starts at 39 meters and beyond. You will need 8 body shots at that range to take down your enemy. You will also need to reach rank 10 in the assault class to be able to buy Hellriegel. Just keep playing the objective and you will unlock it very quickly.

best assault class weapon hellriegel 1915

Automatico M1918 vs Hellriegel :

Automatico fires really fast at 900 rounds per minute, but the problem is the small magazine size of 25 bullets. You will have to continuously reload after a few bursts, making you an easy target. The Hellriegel has 60 bullets, and you can easily take down multiple targets without having to reload.

Both of them have the same muzzle velocity of 380 meters per second. This could be a problem when dealing with moving long range targets, since you will have to anticipate where the bullets are going to hit. Hellriegel’s reload time is 3,75 seconds, so always make sure that you reload at a safe spot, and use your sidearm if necessary. Hip fire accuracy is solid, fell free to use your hip fire at extreme long ranges. Automatico can take down enemies faster, but you can only take down a few enemies before having to reload.

We have chosen Hellriegel as the best weapon for the assault class because it will make you very effective at close to medium range engagements, which is the most common engagement range for the assault class. Make sure you check out all other weapons in the assault class, and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

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  1. C

    I think the MP 18 artillery (scoped) is a good short-mid range gun that is easy to get. What is the best pistol?

    1. K

      We still haven’t used all pistols, we will keep you updated as soon as we test them all out.

  2. D

    I am a level 12 assult class but it will not let me unlock hellreiegel. Any suggestions

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