Battlefield 1 Getting Meat Cleaver in Apocalypse DLC

Battlefield 1 will be getting another piece of DLC this February, titled Apocalypse. It’s going to be set in the closing days of World War One, and it’s going to add three new ground maps, two dogfighting maps, some melee weapons, six guns, a bunch of gadgets and airplanes, a new game mode and more. Premium pass owners will be getting it next month, but there’s still no word on whether it’ll be available on its own, and how much it’ll cost in that case.

battlefield 1 apocalypse dlc
Battlefield 1 Getting Meat Cleaver in Apocalypse DLC

The ground maps are Passchendaele (set in the Belgian countryside, with dugouts and ruins to hide in), Caporeto (set in the mountains near the river Isonzo in Italy) and River Somme (set around the titular river in France). I’m not really sure about the two dogfighting maps – Razor’s Edge and London Calling. They’ll take place above different locations, but I’m uncertain how this will affect the clashes themselves – the air is presumable the same in both places, and you’ll be flying your vehicles literally through empty space.

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As far as weapons go, we’ll be getting a meat cleaver, a broken bottle and a crowbar. The ranged arsenal will be expanded with CSRG SMG, BSA Howell, LMG 08/18, 1917 Enfield, Ross Mk III and Webley Mk VI. The only gadget that was mentioned was the AA Rocket Gun for the assault class. If you’re into air maps, you’ll be happy to hear about the addition of the Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10 bombers. A new stationary weapon is being introduced as well – the Livens Projector, a gas-grenade launcher.

There will also be new assignements to help you unlock weapons and specializations, new specializations which will let you increase the challenge and a bunch of new, completely irrelevant items to unlock (like medals and dog tags).

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