They shall not pass DLC details Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 released all the details about the upcoming DLC called They Shall Not Pass. We will be able to play as the French, on 4 new maps, with new game mode, 2 new tanks, Trench Raider Elite Class and a lot more. The exact release date is unavailable at the moment; all we know is that it will be released in March of 2017. You will be able to access this DLC by purchasing the Premium pass or by buying the DLC separately. You can check the details below:

They shall not pass DLC details Battlefield 1
The St. Chamond heavily armed tank.
  • Verdun Heights – It seems that this map will represent the burned forest, caused by a massive artillery barrage. As stated on the official website, this is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun.
  • Fort de Vaux – A huge fortress map. We can expect a lot of close quarters engagements. It would be great to see the return of Operation Metro and Operation Locker style of map design.
  • Soissons – We can expect a big open map with a lot of tanks and vehicular combat.
  • Rupture – Looks like a map where a huge tank battle took place before.
  • The French faction will be available in this DLC, with their iconic blue uniforms, as they defend their homeland.
  • New Game Mode: Frontlines. It will be a mix of Conquest and Rush, as we fight for chained control points in a tug-of-war frontline.
  • Char 2C tank, based on a real-life French tank.
  • The St. Chamond heavily armed tank.
  • Trench Raider Elite Class – He will be armed with a brutal Raider Club, and a wide variety of grenades at his disposal.
  • New Stationary Weapon called Siege Howitzer. It will be used in a way similar to mortars and artillery in vehicles.

We will keep you posted as soon as we get some new information. See you all in Battlefield!

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