Battlefield 4 Dog Tag Locations Guide

Dog Tags are a unique type of collectible in Battlefield 4 that are used for completing the achievement Recon (together with collecting weapons in the single player campaign) as well as customizing your character in multiplayer. Beside the dog tags you can find in the single player campaign there are many to be obtained and unlocked through special promotions (like the one beta testers got, or unique ones that players got through DICE’s promotions).
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Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers get special dog tags to show off as well. You can pick two tags when customizing your soldier, one you unlocked through gameplay and one unique tag. In the screenshot guide bellow we will show you how to get all the dog tags in the Battlefield 4 (short) single player campaign.


  1. The first dog tag in Battlefield 4 single player campaign can be obtained just as you start the game. As you go through the school’s corridors there will be a door to your left (the first such door you come across). Once you open it you will see the dog tag pinned to the board on the wall.
  2. After you fight in the inner school yard (where you fight as a squad for the first time) your squad will drop down a hole – do not follow. There is a dog tag in the room and you need to carefuly jump over the hole and get it.
  3. Final tag in Baku is at the very end of the level. There will be a helicopter crash. Before you enter a jeep next to a burning wreck of the helicopter you should go through the fire and pick up the tag in the pilot’s cabin.


  1. As soon as you start going on foot through the alleyways, you will be able to turn left of the main route into a dead-end street. On one of the doors is the “One-man Riot” dog tag.
  2. You will enter the tower and after you use the first elevator, as soon as you get out of it, the dog tag is pinned above the elevator door.
  3. As you are running away from a tank you will once again go into alleyways of Shanghai. There is this junction where you can actually climb on top of a building roof and fight some Chinese Spec Ops from there. Dog tag is on the ground floor, in a left dead-end alley.

South China Sea

  1. The moment this mission starts you go straight and in the room to the right, just before the repair-man, you will find the tag above one of the beds.
  2. Part of the mission will take you diving underwater. There will be a part where there is fire burning above and you go through a green lit door. This is just before you leave water. Collectible is in that section.
  3. You will get back to Valkyrie and rescue the Chinese girl. All together you will exit to ship’s deck where a fight breaks out. Squad will go to the left and the collectible is to the right in a burning wreckage of a helicopter.

Singapore Dog Tags

  1. Once you land on the beach go left and you will see a white ship. Go to its sea facing side and pick up the tag.
  2. At one point of the mission you will enter a glass building with a bar to the right. Go behind the bar to find the collectible.
  3. Once at the airport you will see a huge passenger airplane. Climb its left wing (via stairs or if you blew up its gas tanks you can climb on the wing itself) and pick up the tag.

Kunlun Mountains Tags

  1. After meeting up with Irish a group of prisoners will go left. You go right. There are a few dark prison cells to your left. Inside one is the collectible
  2. You will enter a large storage facility of sorts (at the end of which Dima will try to open the big blast doors) and fight multiple waves of enemies. You can climb up, via ladders or stairs on either side, onto the catwalk above. LEft side of the catwalk holds an electrical box with a dog tag stuck into it.
  3. As you are close to the endo f the level you are supposed to get into a gondola that will take you off the mountain. Instead, go bellow the tower holding the gondola to find your final Doga tag in Kunlun.

Tashgar 2x Dog Tag Locations

  1. After you go through the park and see the bridge, that goes into the ally base, you will also see a two story building with blue drapes covering a staircase. There is a blue truck parked in front of it. I got lucky and the tank destroyed the truck while shooting at me. The collectible is actually hidden inside the truck
  2. After a short break in the ally base you will visit a dam. After fighting your way in you will get to a point where you have to cross over some metal containers to get to the section where the elevator is (the one that takes you inside the dam). Collectible is practiclly above the elevator that takes you inside the dam. To get to it, take a left (going right will take you to elevator entrance) when you reach the section seen on the first screenshot bellow. There is a metal container you climb at the end of that road. Jump over to some scaffolding and pick up the dog tag.


  1. On the burning deck of the ship you will come across one of the airplanes still not burning. On top of it is another dog tag.
  2. The last Dog Tag in Battlefield 4’s campaign is located in the infirmary of the Valkyrie. Second bed to your right holds the “Fleet Guardian” Tag.
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    Umm the 3rd dog tag in Shanghai is not where u say it is.. you repeat the 1st one….the 3rd tag is actually after you escape the tank you will see a tree and a metal gate, the tag is on the right side of the gate.

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      Austin Shirley

      its there its just broken and non-takeable…. so you wont get the achievement for colleting all of the dog-tags because of that broken dog-tag on the shanghai mission cuz I had the same problem and I even restarted at the checkpoint 3 times and it still didn’t work so yea your pretty much f***ked there srry.

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