Battlefield 5 Errors & Problems - Low FPS, DX12 Issues

Battlefield V has been released for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers, so there’s already a bunch of people playing it, even though it’s days ahead of the official release. As is tradition, a lot of them are having trouble and experiencing all kinds of technical issues. Some of those are easy to fix with simple workarounds, while others will require the attention of the developers. This guide will show you a list of known Battlefield 5 errors & problems, how to fix or avoid them.

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battlefield v errors problems
Battlefield 5 Errors & Problems – Low FPS, DX12 Issues

BFV weapon unlocks & upgrades not working

Some people have complained that they’re not getting the weapon unlocks they should be getting at their level. What seems to help is quitting to the main menu, then returning to a server. You can also try restarting the game. If none of that helps, you’ll probably have to wait for Dice to fix the issue.

BFV stutters on DX12

If you’re playing on PC and have a beefy rig, you were probably tempted to play with DirectX 12. A bunch of those who did discovered there are stutters unrelated to framerate when using DX12. Since there’s no visible difference between it and the other option, we suggest you turn it off.

Cannot connect to BFV servers

There’s a bunch of different issues pertaining to the servers. People have reported getting a message saying they’re missing online access, or that they keep getting disconnected. However you look at it, there’s no way for you to solve any of these. That’s one of the things the devs will have to repair.

Performance issues, freezes, low FPS, crashes

If you’re experiencing any performance issues, the first thing to do would be to update your GPU drivers. Do not use the game’s preset graphical settings – choose custom instead, then manually set everything to your desired level. Make sure you turn Future Frame on, too – otherwise you’ll be stuck with low GPU usage and low FPS. Do not, under any circumstance, use DX12. If you’re experiencing crashes, try lowering your graphical settings a bit.

Missing online access

Although this sounds like a server issue, it’s actually not. If you get this message and the multiplayer part is greyed out, it’s a problem with DirectX 12. Go into the options and turn DX12 rendering off, and you should be able to play online.

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