Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition 2017 Re-Release

Released back in March 2015, the PS 4 exclusive Bloodborne received wide critical acclaim. One of its most popular features are the PvP and co-op elements, which are still available to play. However, the player numbers have dwindled quite a bit (unsurprisingly, given the game’s age). However, it seems that the game will be getting a much-needed boost to the player base in Asia this year, with the Old Hunters Edition re-release.

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Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition 2017 Re-Release
Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition 2017 Re-Release

Bloodborne The Old Hunters edition is available now all across Asia, in limited quantities. If you decide to buy it, you’ll get the The Old Hunters DLC in the bundle. You’ll also get the dynamic theme for your PS 4, called The Old Hunter’s Dream. The edition also features new box art, depicting a blood-drenched hunter from the profile on a red background. The edition offers nothing more, unfortunately.

If you already own The Old Hunters, there’s pretty much no reason to buy this re-release, unless you really want that PS 4 theme. However, you’re probably not the target audience, anyway. This Edition seems to be angled towards players who haven’t jumped on the Bloodborne bandwagon yet. For them, this is a fantastic opportunity to finally find out what they’ve been missing out on. Additionally, the new influx of players will breathe new life into the game, multiplayer included. Experienced hunters should be happy about this development.

Just like the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne is famous for its unforgiving difficulty and unique multiplayer elements. Throughout the game, you come across notes, left there by other players. They often contain warnings and valuable advice on what awaits ahead. Sometimes, they’ll just troll you into jumping into a chasm or falling ass-first into a pit of powerful enemies. However, when other players rate a note as Fine, the player that left it gets an instant heal. Seeing how brutal the game is, this is a very valuable reward.

You can also summon other players to join you and help you defeat a particularly difficult boss or section. Other players can also invade your game and try to hunt you down in a PvP battle. Your task, of course, is to kill them right back.

It feels really good to see such a great game still getting developer support. Especially considering they have Dark Souls 3 to worry about. Enjoy your hunt!

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    Heya! I know I’m a little late to the party but I was wondering… is this in English or Japanese? The Region does say R3 (Asia) though.

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      The games are English voiced. I’m not sure about the in-game text. I know that there’s an EU version that’s in English that comes with the DLC.

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