Call of Duty: Ghost Perks List

COD: Ghost Perks list

The Perks system in Call of Duty: Ghosts provides many different options like faster weapon reloads, increased movement speed, becoming undetectable on the mini-map… You can choose perks from different categories with a total cap of eight points to build your custom loadout. If you decide to disable primary and secondary weapons, along with two equipment slots, you can increase the number of perk points up to 12.
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You should choose different perks from a total of 35 perks, for different weapons, game modes and maps you are playing.

The perks list in Ghosts has been divided into 7 categories: Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, Elite. Each category contains 5 perks with different costs between 1 to 5 points. In the list below we summarized and tested each perk, and described our observations.


  1. Ready Up (1 point): Weapon is ready 30% faster after sprinting. Unlocked at Rank 1.
  2. Sleight of Hand (2 points): Faster weapon reloading. Unlocked at Rank 8.
  3. Agility (2 points): Increased movement speed. Unlocked at rank 22
  4. Marathon (2 points): Unlimited sprint. Unlocked at rank 36
  5. Stalker (3 points): Move faster while aiming. Unlocked at rank 50.


  1. Strong-Arm (1 point): Throw equipment farther, decrease the cook time of grenades and reset the fuse when throwing back explosives. Unlocked at rank 2
  2. On the Go (1 point): Reload while sprinting. Unlocked at rank 10
  3. Reflex (2 points): Swap weapons and use equipment faster. Unlocked at rank 24
  4. Steady Aim (2 points): Increases hip fire accuracy. Unlocked at rank 38
  5. Quickdraw (3 points): Faster aiming. Unlocked at rank 52


  1. Takedown (1 point): Kill enemies without revealing their death locations. Unlocked at rank 3
  2. Blind Eye (2 points): Undetectable by air support, Oracle systems and sentries. Unlocked at rank 12
  3. Dead Silence (2 points): Move silently, making you harder to detect. Players with the Amplify can still hear your footsteps. Unlocked at rank 26
  4. Incog (3 points): Resistant to targeting systems including: Recon, Thermal Scope, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor. No name or red crosshairs when targeted. Unlocked at rank 40
  5. Off the Grid (3 points): Undetectable on the mini-map by SAT COM and radar pings. Unlocked at rank 54


  1. Recon (1 point): Enemies hit with explosive damage are tagged and can be seen through objects for a short time. Unlocked at rank 4
  2. Scavenger (2 points): Resupply ammo from dead players. Unlocked at rank 14
  3. Sitrep (2 points): Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment. Unlocked at rank 28
  4. Amplify (2 points): Louder enemy footsteps makes them easier to detect. Allows you to hear Dead Silence players. Unlocked at rank 42
  5. Wiretap (3 points): Utilize all active enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field. Unlocked at rank 56


  1. Resilience (1 point):Take no damage from falling. Unlocked at rank 5
  2. ICU (2 points): Regenerate health faster. Unlocked at rank 16
  3. Focus (2 points): Reduced weapon sway when aiming down sights and reduced flinch when hit. Unlocked at rank 30
  4. Tac Resist (2 points): Resistance to flash, stun and EMP effects. Unlocked at rank 44
  5. Blast Shield (2 points): Increased resistance to explosive damage. Unlocked at rank 58


  1. Extra Tactical (1 point): Additional Tactical equipment. Unlocked at rank 6
  2. Extra Lethal (2 points): Additional Lethal equipment. Unlocked at rank 18
  3. Fully Loaded (2 points): – Start with maximum ammo capacity
  4. Extra Attachment (3 points): Extra attachment for your weapons (both primary and secondary weapons). Unlocked at rank 46
  5. Danger Close (4 points): Increases damage dealt with explosives. Unlocked at rank 59


  1. Gambler (1 point): Spawn with a random perk. Unlocked at rank 7
  2. Hardline (2 points): Killstreaks require 1 less kill. Every 2 assists count as a kill toward your killstreak. Unlocked at rank 20
  3. Ping (2 points): Activate a sonar ping upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles. Unlocked at rank 34
  4. Overkill (3 points): Carry two primary weapons. Unlocked at rank 48
  5. Deadeye (5 points): – Consecutive kills increase the chance to deal more damage with bullet weapons
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