Collateral Kills Challenge in Modern Warfare 3

One of Season 0 week 2 weekly multiplayer challenges in Modern Warfare 3 is to get 3 Operator Collateral Kills with a recommended weapon. After spending hundreds of hours in MW3 and MW2 I had no idea what these are so after some research I thought I let you all know what these are and how to get collateral kills in MW3. Sorry to all the Call of Duty multiplayer veterans out there that will laugh at this question, but us noobs need help.

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Modern Warfare 3 Collateral Kills Challenge

How to get MW3 Collateral Kills?

Collateral kills in Modern Warfare 3 video game are done when you kill two players with one bullet. This is usually done in multiplayer when sniping with a powerful sniper build. You want to equip the new KATT AMR sniper. It has .50 caliber rounds that do one shots. You then camp chokepoints on multiplayer maps. Some advise to do ground war and invasion. This is because with more players you have more chance of doing double kills with one bullet. On the other hand, small maps in team deathmatch and other modes have more chokepoints and players running close together. I am seeing this done on Terminal map a lot. In ground war camp Levin Resort hallways or spawns.

Modern Warfare 3 collateral kill

Good luck doing MW3 collateral kills challenge. With my skill level it would take forever. You can skip this weekly challenge because you only need five out of 14 you can do to unlock the jak nightshade rifle kit.

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