How to Complete Use a Flash Grenade Daily Challenge in COD MW3

If you don’t know how to complete “Use a Flash Grenade” daily challenge in COD Modern Warfare III and unlock Flash Grenades, we’ve got you covered! Since the game was released, players around the world have been eagerly exploring it and discovering all its new and old Call of Duty features. However, players have encountered numerous issues with the Daily challenges, a key feature of the game. In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock MW3 Flash Grenades easily, and complete Use a Flash Grenade Daily Challenge.

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Use a Flash Grenade Daily Challenge COD MW3
Use a Flash Grenade Daily Challenge in COD MW3

How to complete Use a Flash Grenade Daily Challenge in COD MW3 and unlock Flash Grenades

There are many discussions on the Reddit forum about the malfunctioning Daily Challenges in COD MW3. Numerous players posted their concerns about glitches in the daily challenges in MW3 Multiplayer, especially the one about unlocking Flash Grenades. The main problem with this Armory Unlock is the fact that you need to complete 3 Daily challenges in order to unlock it. However, to accomplish one of the daily tasks, you’re required to use Flash Grenades, which you haven’t unlocked yet. You see the glitch!

There are two solutions to this problem, and here is the first one. When you look under Flash Grenade Armory Unlock you’ll see that you have to complete 3 dailies. But don’t forget that you can complete them in both Multiplayer or Zombies mod. Thus, if you’re stuck in the Multiplayer mode with 2/3 challenges, and the third one is to use Flash Grenades, just switch to Zombies and complete any dailies there. That will unlock Flash Grenades, and you’ll be able to complete Daily challenge in Multiplayer.

The second solution – When the game starts, you’ll have the option to select your loadout. Initially, you’ll be directed to your custom loadout screen. Here, you need to navigate to the default tab and choose one of the premade / default classes. The Infiltrator class, for instance, has the flash grenade included in its loadout. This is how you can use the flash grenade to complete your daily task.

how to unlock Flash Grenade in COD MW3
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