MW3 Kill Operator With Lethal Equipment Bug Solution

One of the Daily Challenges in CoD MW3 requires that you “Get a Kill With Lethal Equipment”. This includes things such as the Frag Grenade, Claymore, Thermite, Semtex, C4, and so on. A pretty striaghtforward daily that should be more than managable. However, there is a bug with this challenge that’s preventing it from being successfully completed – even though you have dispatched an Operator using Lethal Equipment. Luckily, there is something that you can do to fix this issue. Here’s the solution to the MW3 Kill Operator With Lethal Equipment Bug.

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MW3 Kill Operator With Lethal Equipment Bug Solution
MW3 Kill Operator With Lethal Equipment Bug Solution

How to Fix MW3 Kill Operator With Lethal Equipment Bug

This is a bug that has been around since MW2. And the solution appears to be the same as it was back in the previous game as well. That is – to try and kill using every single Lethal Equipment type, until you get one that is working for the purposes of this specific challenge. This is because it appears that the bug is such that it only counts one kind of Lethal Equipment, with all the other types not counting towards this daily.

The issue here is, because the way that the game works, you need to unlock many of these Lethal Equipment first. So basically, if you are having problems with this, what you should do first is to unlock all of the other LE. Then, try using each type to perform a kill. Sooner or later, you should get lucky and find one that works and which allows you to complete this daily. We can’t speak for any other players – as this seems to be random – but we managed to do it with the Drill Charge and later on with the Claymore. Hopefully, the devs are going to fix this issue soon.

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