MW3 Stuck on Black Screen Fix

In our MW3 Stuck on Black Screen Fix guide, we are going to give you a few solutions to this issue. Modern Warfare 3 has just gotten the Season 1 update, and the launch has been pretty broken, with many problems plaguing it. This is just one of them. So, here’s what you can do about it.

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MW3 Stuck on Black Screen Fix
MW3 Stuck on Black Screen Fix

How to Fix MW3 Stuck on Black Screen Issue

Before we explain how to fix the issue where MW3 (or Modern Warfare 3) gets stuck on a black screen, we first have to try and figure out what is causing the problem. While we don’t know for certain what it is, it does seem to have something to do with an incomplete update. I say this, because a lot of PC people have fixed it by simply restarting Steam. Others still have force-closed the game and that has triggered the update to begin. It’s a mess, just like this game has been ever since launch in many ways. Be that as it may, that’s one potential fix for you. On consoles, you can try turning the whole thing off and back on again. For good measure, you can also unplug the console, wait for two minutes, then plug it back in.

There are more things you can do to try and fix the MW3 issue where it’s getting stuck on the black screen. Make sure you have everything up to date: the launcher, the game, your graphics drivers, etc. Disable any background applications, turn off any antiviruses. Try running the game as an administrator, too. And, of course, repair the game’s files. If you’re on Steam, go to the Library, right-click the game, select Properties, then Local Files, and then Verify integrity of game files. On, right-click the game in the library, then select Scan and Repair. Both of these basically brute-force any and all pending updates to start downloading. Wait for the process to complete and try again.

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