Warzone Error Code 47 Fix

Errors are a pain in the neck for players of any video game, but this is especially true for online games. For games of this type, errors can range from connectivity issues that prevent you from logging into the game and playing it, all the way to corrupted data and graphical and gameplay glitches. In Call of Duty: Warzone, the infamous Error Code 47 is one such longstanding problem. If you have been on the receiving end of this error, then you know how frustrating it can be. Our Warzone Error Code 47 Fix guide is here to help you out, with several methods you can use to resolve this error.

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Warzone Error Code 47 Fix

How to Fix Error Code 47 Warzone

The first thing that you should always try when encountering an issue such as this on your PS4, is to turn off the console entirely. Don’t put it into sleep mode, turn it off. And make sure that your controller is hooked up to the PS via cable. Next, reboot your PS in safe mode. To do this, hold the power button (while the PS is turned off) for several seconds, until you hear a beeping sound. Your console will now boot up in “safe mode”. After that, select to “Rebuild Database”. This will make your system rescan all of your Warzone data to see if any of it has been corrupted (as can often happen to a game installation, when it is updating, for example).

This process shouldn’t take too long. Usually, this will resolve the Error Code 47. In case it doesn’t, there’s one more optional step you can try out. Go to your System Storage. Select your Saved Data, and then select Warzone. Delete all of your Warzone Saved Data. Restart the game to see if this has done the trick. If that still isn’t the case, all that’s left is to completely reinstall the game.

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