Error Code Diver & Vivacious Fix - COD Warzone

COD Warzone Diver and Vivacious error codes have been causing a bit of trouble among the player base. These errors tend to pop up every now and again to pester innocent people just trying to play their game. Fortunately, there are potential solutions to these issues that you can try while you wait for the developers to fix the situation. We’ll give you all the info we have on the subject in our Error Code Diver & Vivacious Fix – COD Warzone guide.

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error code diver & vivacious fix cod warzone
Error Code Diver & Vivacious Fix – COD Warzone

How to Fix Error Code Diver in COD Warzone

To fix the COD Warzone error code Diver, there are several steps that you can try. For one, you can try downloading the texture packs you might not have gotten yet from the Modern Warfare/Warzone app. Once you download and install them, the error should go away.

Other than that, you can try exiting the game, and I mean fully turning it off, not just putting it to sleep. Then, reboot your modem/router. Once the process is over, try to play Warzone again. You can also try reinstalling the game completely, including updates, or connect your console/PC to another network (or use a LAN ethernet connection). Lastly, you can do a full factory reset of your router, but that’s a pretty desperate move. Rather, just wait for the developers to fix whatever might be happening on their end.

How to Fix COD Warzone Vivacious Error Code

To fix the error code Vivacious in COD Warzone, you need power cycle your console, which involves a similar set of steps on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Let’s start with the PlayStation. First, hold the console’s power button until it beeps twice and shuts down. Then, unplug the power cable and wait for at least ten seconds (I recommend waiting even more). After that, re-plug the cable and turn the console back on. You should be able to play Warzone now.

On Xbox, again, hold the console’s power button for ten seconds until it powers down completely. Unplug the power cable and wait for a couple of minutes. Re-plug the console, turn it on, and check whether you can play Warzone now. If this system doesn’t work, be it on Xbox or PS, you’ll have to contact Activision’s support and hope for the best. Good luck.

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