CoD Warzone Killstreaks - How to Get

Killstreaks have been a staple of Call of Duty games for a fair while. CoD Warzone might be a spin-off, but it’s no different than its predecessors in this regard – it’s going to have kill streaks. However, not everyone knows how they’ll function. Since the new mode is not as combat heavy as regular ones, they won’t be awarded for scoring kills. If you’re wondering how killstreaks work in CoD Warzone, you’ve come to the right place.

cod warzone killstreaks
CoD Warzone Killstreaks

How to get killstreaks in CoD Warzone?

You can’t earn them by murdering other players. They can be found around the game world, but this is a rare occurrence. Most often, you’ll get them by purchasing them from a buy station. There’s a bunch of these around the map, so you won’t have to worry about finding one when you’ve gathered enough cash. Each killstreak costs between $4000 and $4500, so you’ll have to save up a bit before getting one.

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As for their variety, expect the usual – things like Precision Airstrike, UAV and Cluster Strike. Also, you can only carry one at a time, so make sure you don’t waste it when it isn’t necessary. It might be a good idea for every team member to carry a different killstreak, so that you’re prepared for different situations. It would allow you to defend yourself in different scenarios, but there are upsides to carrying three precision airstrikes between the three of you.

It remains to be seen whether this change in the method of obtaining makes killstreaks more rare in a typical match. It may turn out 4k in-game dollars really isn’t a lot of money and you can easily buy all the killstreaks you want. It probably won’t, since spamming airstrikes across the entire map is probably not what the developers have envisioned, but it might.

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