Warzone Secrets of The Pacific Intel Locations

The Secrets of the Pacific event is underway in CoD Warzone. To celebrate the upcoming release of the Caldera map, special Intel has been placed in several locations. All of these can be found in specific places, and it can be hard to find them on your own if you don’t know where to look. Our Warzone Secrets of The Pacific Intel Locations guide will both explain where to go and what you need to look out for. Before we begin, note that these can only be done in Battle Royale mode, and that, once you find the Intel, you will also need to then survive for a set number of Storm Circles, or to win the game. Also, only one of these can be done in a single match.

Warzone Secrets of The Pacific Intel Locations

Warzone Jailbreak Intel Location

The first Intel location is called the Jailbreak. This, of course, refers to the Prison. Inside the Prison, you will find a red ping pong paddle on a bench there. After you pick it up, you will then also need to survive one Storm Circle.

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Jailbreak ping pong paddle.

On the Air Intel Warzone

To collect the On the Air Intel, head to the Electronics Store over by the Train Station. There, you will come across a microphone stand. Interact with it to collect the Intel and after that survive for three Storm Circles.

On the Air microphone.

Where to Find Fast Food Special Intel in Warzone

Go to Verdansk International Airport. Once you enter this location, head to the Fast Food burger restaurant there. On the counter, interact with the cash register to get the Fast Food Special Intel. All that’s left to do is to survive three Storm Circles afterward.

Fast Food Special.

On Your Feet Intel Location in Warzone

The On Your Feet Intel can be found inside the Hospital. Head inside the main building there and inside a room, you will see a blue first-aid box on a hospital bed. Take it and survive for 4 Storm Circles.

On Your Feet Intel.

Warzone Abandoned Intel Location

The Abandoned Intel is in the mines which are in the north-western part of Verdansk. At the end of the tunnel there, you will find a box of explosives. Once you have the Intel, survive for two Storm Circles.

Abandoned Intel.

Secrets Intel Location in Warzone

The final Intel, Secrets, can be found in one of the WW2 German Bunkers. While exploring these, look out for boat miniatures, as this is the Intel you are looking for. Take it and then make it for two Storm Circles. And there you have it, those are all the Warzone Secrets of The Pacific Intel Locations.

Secrets Intel.
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