Verdansk Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk Event Release Date

The Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk event is close at hand, or it was until its delay offered a temporary reprieve to Verdansk city. No official word is yet to get released. However, a post on the developer’s Trello board indicates the date has moved. This was a disappointment for anyone waiting for its release on the official stated day. Read on as we give you the brand-new release date for The Last Hours of Verdansk event.

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Verdansk Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk Event Release Date

Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk Event Release Date

Despite a low-key, unofficial announcement, the Last Hours of Verdansk is now releasing a week later. Placed only on publisher Raven Software’s Trello board, the date is now December 6th. This replaces the former scheduled release date of November 30th.

This delay was not announced on the website, nor on social media. No specific reason was posted either, though it seems to relate to Warzone’s new map Caldera. This is also getting pushed back to the 9th of December. It is also not known if the release delay relates to Activision’s current in-house problems. If you have not yet completed the Secrets of the Pacific event, it gives you a little more time.

The Caldera map was to bring integration between Vanguard and Warzone. Strangely, there have been few details about the Last Hours of Verdansk event. Activision had said to prepare for a spectacular end to the city before Warzone goes dark to prepare for Caldera.

After this, the Warzone action will travel to the Pacific as its theatre of conflict. Warzone is free to play, but Vanguard players will gain 24 hours exclusive access to the map. The Rebirth Island from Warzone will is open for everyone to play. Check back here for all the update and any other delays that may occur.

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