Warzone Current Profile is Not Allowed to Play on Xbox Live Fix

Warzone Season 3 Classified Arms is here and millions of fans are enjoying the new content. However, the same can not be said for some players who play Warzone on their Xbox consoles. Xbox gamers who don’t have an active Xbox Live subscription currently are unable to play the game. Namely, Warzone asks them to have Xbox Live in order to play the game despite that not being a requirement anymore. If you are receiving the “Current Profile is Not Allowed to Play Multiplayer on Xbox Live” error message, here’s a possible workaround.

Warzone Current Profile is Not Allowed to Play on Xbox Live Fix

Warzone Current Profile is Not Allowed to Play Multiplayer on Xbox Live Fix

The good news here is that this is clearly a bug. An Xbox Live subscription is still not required for playing free to play online multiplayer games. This has been changed back in April 2021. Since then, games like Apex Legends, Warzone, Fortnite, and others, can be played on Xbox consoles without paying a dime.

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So, if you don’t need Xbox Live, then why is this happening? As we already mentioned – it is a glitch. Something in the Warzone Pacific Season 3 update triggered this glitch and that’s why are you receiving the “Current Profile is Not Allowed to Play Multiplayer” error message in Warzone. The next question you probably have is, “Can I fix it?”

Warzone Current Profile is Not Allowed to Play on Xbox Live Fix
The error, image via u/Vrabbitonreddit

At the time of writing, there’s only one way to bypass this bug. What you need to do is to log in with another Xbox account on your console. But, this account must have an Xbox Live subscription. This will undo the bug, and after that, you may log back with your account and the game will be playable without an Xbox Live subscription. It should also be noted that Raven Software, Warzone developers, are aware of this issue and are working on fixing it.

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  1. T

    IT has not fixed the glitch it is still there. There is alot of bugs and glitches that Cod Has been addressed and havent yet fixed the situation with millions of Cod players. I am a twtich streamer and stream variety of games and One of them is Cod. Activision and whoever has the power over Cod NEEDS to fix it now and fix the other issues that they have been faced with….

  2. N
    Noe garcia

    I did that and didn’t work

  3. B

    Every update is massive and every update has months of bugs. Did anyone expect anything less this time?

  4. A

    Is there any time frame for when Ravensoft will fix the bug for Xbox players not being able to play warzone. When it is fixed how are they going to compensate Xbox players not being able to player Warzone.

  5. محمد

    Only playstation 5.maby playstation 4 pro
    Xbox is very bad
    I can,t play warzone…..problem. problem. Problem

  6. محمد

    Please remove mac addresses. And restart console.good

  7. S

    Downloaded the update on wednesday
    İ still cannot get into warzone.
    İ have a active gold membership
    The screen is stuck on godzilla and king kong.
    2 days now i cant get in
    Any suggestions

  8. A

    There an update for warzone Xbox live issue is all sorted

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