Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission Safe Codes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is not just about shooting stuff and making things explode. No, there are also side activities that you can do. Naturally, these reward you with things such as additional loot. Take the Alone mission in MW2, which has not one, but two safe codes. Of course, before you can use these Alone Mission safe codes, you first need to figure out what they are. Or, you can simply read our Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission Safe Codes guide, in which we are going to straight-up list out these codes and explain where the safes that they open are.

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Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission Safe Codes
Modern Warfare 2 Alone Mission Safe Codes

MW2 Alone Mission Safe Codes

The first of these Safes in the MW Campaign Alone mission can be found inside the coffee shop. Inside there is a locked door, which you need to open with a Pry Tool (craft one if you don’t have it). Once you are inside the room, you will easily spot the safe there – it is very big and you can’t miss it. As for the code, it is on the calendar there. The safe code is: 10-10-80. Inside, you’ll find a Suppressed Deagle.

As for the second MW2 Alone mission safe code, it can be found in the garage. This is the El Maistro garage, and it is located on the right side of the road before the tunnel that leads to the church. Once you enter it, what you’re looking for is a back room with a glowing laptop. Of course, the code itself is on the laptop. If you approach it, you can read and find out the code itself. It is: 37-60-80. Use it to unlock this second safe there. As a reward, you will get a crossbow and a throwing knife from inside the safe.

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