Can't Start & Update Modern Warfare 2 on PC, Xbox & PS5

Are you getting a “Connection Timed Out” message when trying to install the pre-release update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Campaign early access is now officially live for those players who have preordered Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 digitally. Starting from October 20th, at 7 pm CEST / 6 pm BST / 1 pm ET / 10 am PT, everyone with a pre-order will have a chance to start playing the campaign. However, some players are having trouble starting the game. If you receive messages like “You are missing one or more Single Player DLC Pack” or “Connection Timed Out”, read on. We explain why you can’t install a pre-release update and start Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early Access.

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Can't Start & Update Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early Access

Can’t Start Campaign Early Access Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox and Steam

At the time of writing a number of players across Reddit, forums and social media are reporting about various issues. Namely, it seems that players on various platforms, including Steam, Xbox, and, can not start the game. When you start Modern Warfare 2 the game asks you to install the pre-release update. It says that you are “missing one of more Single Player DLC Pack”. It then asks you to download and install them, but the option is simply not there. Then, for Steam users, you eventually receive the “Connection Timed Out” message. Why is this happening and can it be fixed?

The good news is that the issue is not on your side. Namely, this is happening simply because too many players are simultaneously trying to download these additional files and servers simply can not handle that many requests. That’s why you currently can not start and update Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early Access on Xbox, Steam, and You will simply have to wait a little bit until the pressure on the servers eases up. Then, you will most likely be able to download the update and start the campaign. For now, that’s all we know. We will, however, follow the situation closely and add new information as it surfaces.



  1. L
    Lahiru Perera

    I’m facing the same issue on PS5. It says YOU ARE MISSING ONE OR MORE SINGLE PLAYER DLC PACKS. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL. But when i press Install, it shows already installed 🙁

    1. I

      Same here….its driving me crazy, un-installed 2 times already with no use.

      Very frustrated….why can’t it just Stat normally like all other games!

      1. L

        Maybe it’s a regional issue? I’m guessing coz I’m frustrated much! I see you’re also from Dubai and I’m too, nothing much to do at our end rather than waiting till someone comes up with a fix

        1. R

          Im from Dubai and facing the same issue

          1. N
            not me

            I reinstalled the game twice, and still facing the same issue. F activision!!!!

        2. Z

          Im in oman, also next to UAE, and im facing the same issue on my ps5

          1. O

            Same from Oman and facing the same issue on the PlayStation 5. Have deleted and reinstalled the files but facing same issue. Has it been resolved for anyone yet ?

          2. J

            I’m in California …same here—-is not first time Activision screw up…..

          3. J

            This is ridiculous… I had the campaign going and then then went back and it had Uninstalled by itself and now I can’t even get it to install. It says to resume campaign but then I click that,it tells me the stupid thing isn’t even installed. Frikin ridiculous.

        3. M

          same issue here in KSA ..

      2. G

        Same thing here can’t start the game because I’m missing one pack but it’s already installed

        1. M
          Mohamed Ali

          Same issue here.
          you are missing one or more single player dlc packs
          It’s crazy

      3. A

        Same issue and i am in dubai also, U uninstalled the whole game ? Or just the campaign pack ?

        1. L

          Yea uninstalled 2 times and installed every way possible 😅 we’ll have to wait i think

    2. A
      Ayman Gabr

      Same issue with me

    3. J

      I’m on ps4 and it’s saying can’t find application, have had preordered for months! Do I just start from the warzone page right?

      1. G

        The same here. Can’t find any solution

      2. S
        Scott Thomas

        You have to go in the library on your Ps4 and it is in there to download

    4. S

      I am from the states and can’t access it on digital it is saying I have to wait 6 days

    5. S
      Shane hanlin

      Renew your license on ps4 and you can access the game in your downloads and start playing

  2. D

    It’s not a regional thing i don’t think. I’m from the states and having the same issue. Maybe it truly is a server issue. Hope it resolves soon. We’ve waited to long to play this and bought early to play but can’t. Let’s get it goin!

  3. K

    Yeah this is really frustrating I literally spent 1 and a half hours and reinstalled the game 3 times on my pc using the platform looking for a fix everywhere I could but couldn’t solve this issue…anyone know the fix?

  4. M
    Marc A Chesser

    PC here, It says update but pops up with “Oops something broke.”

    1. M

      same here how do you fix

      1. S

        Same here I’ve tried deleting all Warezone files and reinstalling and now I get nothing. Pile of s***

  5. E

    same issue in Abu Dhabi UAE

    1. D

      Same over here. Im from Abu dhabi and it says you are missing a data pack or more im on ps5 and reinstalled the game 5 times anyone knows when it will get fixed?

  6. K

    I have uninstalled the game reinstalled it. It says at some parts of the interface that the game is installed and it’s greyed out. Tried even quickly hitting cancel when it connects for offline play but all methods lead to it saying that I am missing one or more single player DLC.

    I am in Dubai and trying for a few hours now. Anyone got through yet?

  7. L
    luke m

    battle net, wont even let me install it, when i go to the shop it says you have already preordered it, but the install button is unable to be pressed for some reason

  8. A
    Armando R

    PS4 same problem despite to complete wipes of the game and all it’s data.
    Same error Dr missing DCL PACKS FOR THE campaign……

    The game is just not recognizing that they have actually been installed.

    So they are either installing in th3 wrong place or the application is looking in the wrong spot…

    This is past Beta testing……I’m very disappointed… no testing of this was done at all…l

  9. H

    same sh!t here from Jeddah Saudi!

  10. T

    I’m in Abu Dhabi UAE, its 3:00 am now and have been trying to play since 10:00pm when we were supposed to have access to the campaign . . I’ve literally tried everything. Uninstalling, Reinstalling as well as countless amounts of “Scan & Repairs” etc etc nothing seems to fix this “missing one or more single player DLC packs” issue/bug. This is BEYOND annoying & disappointing. I hope this gets fixed asap.

    1. N

      It’s the same here in Saudi Arabia at 10 am and the problem is still not solved .

  11. A

    its 6:32AM and its same! when i click install the update but nothing happened, I have 750mbps of internet

  12. D
    Derrick Brown

    So I’d like to know what kind of refund we are entitled too. We paid for the privilege to play early and thanks to Activision knowing they wouldn’t be able to support for the most popular game, we cannot. …….and they already have probably millions of us who paid a hundred bucks, but can’t play the campaign.
    Laughing at all of us loyal gamers all the way to the bank……and the help line is no help.

    1. A
      Alfayed Malik

      If you’re getting the missing DLC packs issue:
      Found a FIX that said to download the pack for the native language of your currently location and set to default, run the game, close it and set to preferred. In UAE so I downloaded Arabic pack, set to default and ran the game. WORKS! Set back to English and it still does!!

  13. A
    Alfayed Malik

    Found a FIX that said to download the pack for the native language of your currently location and set to default, run the game, close it and set to preferred. In UAE so I downloaded Arabic pack, set to default and ran the game. WORKS! Set back to English and it still does!!

    1. T

      I cant believe this work. thanks man!

    2. J

      How do i change to native language im in Dubai UAE

    3. M
      Mohamed Ali

      Hi Alfayed
      Thanks for the fix. Can you please explain in details the step by order.

      1. M
        Mohamed Ali

        This did not work for me. I fed up

        1. A
          Alfayed Malik

          The fix works for PC as far as I know.

    4. L

      Are you on PS5 or PC? If PS5, can you guide through the steps coz arabic is already installed with the base game

    5. M

      i have tried this i have change the language to Arabic before installing the game on and it works. thanks

    6. T

      its 2 30 ad and still no luck , hi pls let us know how this is done on a ps5

  14. G

    Its now 1030am and i’ve still got the same issue in Dubai. Says i’m missing the DLC pack, but it’s installed. When i updated last night it downloaded DLC Campaign 1, i checked the manage content and pack 2 hadnt been installed. I’ve just installed everything from the manage game content menu, including WZ2, Multiplayer etc… and it’s still got the same issue. Restarted a million times, unplugged the PS5 for 10 mins, nothing works.

    1. O

      YESSS! IT WORKED~! Many thanks broski

  15. L

    Anyone found a fixed solution?

    1. M


  16. R

    hey guys I’m in Saudi Arabia and I have the same issue but I tried to change the language to Arabic it required some files to download it then the Missing DLC files was downloaded with the same update and it fix the issue.

    1. L

      Hi Rashad, are you on PC or PS5? If on PS5 can you guide through the steps as Arabic language pack gets installed automatically along with the base game. Thanks

      1. R

        I’m using Battle Net Launcher on PC

      2. G

        I’m on PS5 and still cannot get this to work. It auto installs arabic, so i have both Campaign 1 & 2 downloaded, as well as the arabic. I even downloaded the english language pack. Still saying missing the DLC

  17. T

    its 2 30 ad and still no luck

  18. M

    still nothing ps5 version of the game still says you are missing one or more dlc patch

  19. A
    Alex Lopez

    having same problem on PC , battlenet version getting the “missing one of more Single Player DLC Pack…. in japan.
    sad that i paid 100$ for the game so i could play it early , just to not be able to play it at all.

  20. G

    For Battlenet DLC pack Problem this is a fix in Battlenet go to Modify install>Change Languages > Then add 2 any language (Just Check the box) and let the default language to english and enjoy playing. 🙂

    1. T

      that fixed the problem. thank you!

  21. S

    Nice! adding the arabic language as a second language and keeping the english version as default actually worked! whoever advise that is GOATED! Thanks

  22. I
    Ibrahim H

    Any Fix for PS5?!!!

  23. A
    abbas muhammad

    Here is the fix for PC users if you are in Middle east region
    go to battlenet, go to game settings > select arabic language and run the game and it will download the campaign. then close the game and change the language to english and enjoy the game

  24. L

    Many of the fixes mentioned above might’ve worked for PC users but i doubt any solution available for us PS5 users! 🤦‍♂️ CoD or Activision should at least address the issue so we know that they’re aware and working on it

    1. W
      wissam eldeek

      Any update if its working and how

  25. C

    I uninstalled the game because I kept crashing on Recon by Fire. Now my game keeps giving me an error code:unknown whenever I try and launch it. Still the same result after I tried reinstalling as well as restarting and running as administrator.

  26. T
    Troy Nayler

    PS5 keep clicking the “X” button until you see “Go offline” select that and you can get to the campaign.

  27. T

    Factory reset router and this allowed for the download to reset and complete. All worked normally after that and am playing the mission.

  28. J
    Jesse James Nuñez

    It is working now on PS5 im in dubai.

  29. M

    My game is starting minimized and there is nothing I can do. Any help?

  30. M

    It’s strange cause i got to play the campaign right through on my ps5. Now after wanting to go back an play it, I’m having the same issue. Total nightmare!! From the uk

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