How to Start Raid Episode 2 MW2

Not sure how to start Atomgrad Raid Episode 02 in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded? You are defiantly not the only person confused about it. The mid-season update has arrived with a plethora of exciting content to jump into. For those of you who love co-op and lore, the Atomgrad story continues! In this guide, we explain where to find Atomgrad Episode 02 in MW2.

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How to Start Raid Episode 2 MW2
MW2 Atomgrad Raid Episode 02

How to Start Atomgrad Raid Episode 02 in Modern Warfare 2

It sounds strange to have a guide for such a basic thing as where to find a specific mode in a game, and yet here we are. The Season 2 Reloaded mid-season update is here. And for us, the new Raid episode is one of the more exciting things. Not only will we continue the story of Price, Gaz and Farah in Atomgrad, but we will also unlock the “Bad Boonie” Operator Skin for Captain Price! However, it seems that some players are not sure how to actually start MW2 Atomgrad Episode 2.

“Which one of these is the new raid Episode,” asks Reddit user u/Jakel_07Svk, while The_Real_TK adds, “Glad I’m not the only one. Looks like it might be bugged or something because the store isn’t showing any bundles for me either.” It seems that it is not easy to find the new episode from the main “Play” menu.

Since it is not clear which one is Episode 2, the best strategy here is to check the top right corner when you open any of these co-op offerings and check if it has there a “Bad Boonie” Operator Skin for Captain Price as a reward. If it has, that’s the one you’re looking for! That’s Atomgrad Raid Ep 2. And with that said, that’s about all you need to know here. Hopefully, they will change the thumbnail of the mission so that it communicates more clearly which one is the second episode. For now, checking the rewards is the best method.

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