How to Use MW2 XP Tokens, Timer Problem

XP Tokens have been a part of the CoD franchise for a while now, so it’s no surprise that they are back again in CoD MW2 as well. If you are not familiar with them, their purpose is to provide additional Experience Points, so they are very useful if you want to level up fast, or are just looking to grind for something that you want in the game. Though, it seems like there is a Timer Problem with the XP tokens in Modern Warfare 2. Namely, that the timer itself isn’t visible. Is this some sort of bug, or maybe an oversight? Or is it that way by design? We’ll take a look at the Timer Problem, as well as explain how to use MW2 XP Tokens, right here in this guide.

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How to Use MW2 XP Tokens, Timer Problem
How to Use MW2 XP Tokens, Timer Problem

How to Use MW2 Double XP Tokens

To use the Double XP Tokens in MW2, you first need to be in the multiplayer lobby. When you get in the lobby, you will see a button for XP Tokens. It is next to the loadout button. Press the XP Tokens button and you will be able to activate your XP Tokens there. Note that, once an XP Token is activated, it will then stay active for the entirety of its duration in real-time. So even if you pause the game or leave the game altogether, the XP Token is going to be active for that amount of time. As such, to get the most out of it, it’s best if you plan out how long you are going to play the game in advance.

MW2 Double XP Tokens Timer Problems

Previously, you could see the XP Token Timer once you activated them. However, this is no longer the case in MW2. After activating the XP Tokens, there is no visible timer. So why is this the case? Well, we don’t know. It could be an oversight and something that is going to be fixed soon. Or it could be that way by design. In any case, once you activate an XP or Weapons Token, it will immediately take effect in the game, regardless of the fact that you can’t see its timer.

Can You Use XP Tokens From CoD Warzone in MW2

No, this isn’t something that you can do.

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