Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault Explained

In our Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault Explained guide, we are going to break down this new system that will be added in the game. As far as we can tell so far, Vaults are going to be pretty major element of COD Modern Warfare 2. So, it’ll be beneficial to know something about them before launch. So, let’s see what these Weapon Vaults are and what they do.

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modern warfare 2 weapon vault explained
Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault Explained

FJX Cinder Weapon Vault in COD Modern Warfare 2 Explained

The Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault, for the FJX Cinder and in general, are basically like a huge bundle of blueprints. Essentially, it contains all the attachments from the given weapon platform (more on that in the next section), and, to make things even better, they all retain the “cosmetic properties on all attachments native to its base platform.” If you want to get the FJX Cinder vault from the get-go, you need to buy the Vault Edition, which will set you back a hundred bucks (or whatever the local equivalent is). I would imagine that this is far from the only Weapon Vault you’ll see in the game, though. And I am going to assume that they’re going to cost a pretty penny.

So, that’s basically what the COD Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault is and what it does. Now, I mentioned weapon platforms before. What exactly is that? It is a part of the revamped Gunsmith system. You can read more about it on the official website, or our guide, but here’s a quick rundown. You’ll notice that there is a new item in the upgrade system, and that’s the Receiver. This attachment changes the weapon from one type into another in the same weapon platform. So, for example, it can turn the FJX Cinder assault rifle into an SMG, if you have the right Receiver. As I understand it, you can also use certain attachments across different Receivers. That should reduce the grind for attachments, at least in theory. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

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