Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills Explained

If you need the Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills explained, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we are going to show you what the AQ Soldier Kills stat means, as well as where you can most commonly find these enemies, who they are, and more. So, let’s dive straight in, shall we?

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warzone 2 aq soldier kills explained
Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills Explained

What are AQ Soldiers Kills in Warzone 2

AQ Soldiers Kills in Warzone 2 are a specific type of enemy. To be more precise, those are the Al Qatala soldiers. They are AI enemies that you can find all over the place. Well, it does depend on which mode you’re playing. If you’re in regular Warzone, the AQ Soldiers are mostly relegated to Strongholds and Black Sites. Meanwhile, in the new DZM mode, they can be everywhere and anywhere. One easy way to tell whether you’re fighting an Al Qatala enemy is to look at the bottom of the screen when they start shouting. If the subtitles say something like “AQ Soldier 3,” well, there you have it. They are fairly easy to take down, which makes sense. You want the other players to be the real threat.

So, yeah, that’s what the Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills statistic is all about – it denotes how many AI enemies you’ve mowed down. Now, while they’re easy on their own, they do tend to swarm you. Approach them carefully. Some of them are also heavily armored, meaning they are more of a bullet sponge and therefore an incredible annoyance. However, they are worth offing. If you clear out a Stronghold, you’ll get access to your custom loadout and a key for a Black Site (if you’re the first team to empty a Stronghold). Clear out a Black Site, and you’ll get a permanent weapon blueprint and Legendary items for the rest of the match.

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