Best M4 Loadout Warzone 2, No Recoil

Like all Call of Duty games, Warzone 2 has many different types of weapons for players to use. Even better, these weapons can then be modified to better suit your needs and playstyle. The M4 is one of the most iconic assault rifles – both in video games as well as in real life. As such, it’s no surprise that it is also available in Warzone 2. So if you were wondering how to get the most out of it, here is the best M4 Loadout for Warzone, one which is also going to maximize no recoil on this assault rifle.

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Best M4 Loadout Warzone 2, No Recoil
Best M4 Loadout Warzone 2, No Recoil

Best M4 Loadout in CoD Warzone 2

The M4 is a highly efficient rifle, both at close, medium, and long range. Because of this, you can always count on it to get you through most skirmishes. In this loadout guide, we’re going to focus primarily on enhancing all of the things that make this assault rifle great. This means – lethality, precision, and, of course, reducing recoil as much as possible. So when you tune all of these, you should prioritize recoil, accuracy, range, and damage – in that order – wherever possible. With that said, let’s see what the loadout itself looks like:

  • Recommended Muzzle: the Harbringer D20. It gives you not just sound suppression, but also provides more damage while reducing recoil.
  • Recommended Barrel: the Hightower 20″ Barrel. Though it somewhat reduces handling, it increases damage, range, accuracy, and recoil.
  • Recommended Underbarrel: the FTAC Ripper 56. Additional accuracy and recoil.
  • Recommended Magazine: the 45 Round. It provides less mobility hampering, but if this isn’t too important to you, you can also go with the 60 Round.
  • Recommended Optic: the VLK 4.0 Optic. With this 4x magnification zoom, you will have greater accuracy and a much longer range. With it, you can use the M4 as a reliable sniper rifle.
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