Contraband Packages Locations in Al Mazrah, DMZ Salvager

The Salvager Crown Tier 2 mission requires players to extract the 3 Contraband Packages from the sunken ships in Al Mazrah in one deployment. Our guide explains where to find 3 Contraband Packages in Al Mazrah for the Salvager mission.

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Contraband Packages Locations in Al Mazrah, DMZ Salvager
Contraband Packages Locations in Al Mazrah, DMZ Salvager

Where to Find 3 Contraband Packages in Al Mazrah Sunken Ships, DMZ Salvager Quest

Asides from the brand new extraction zone and new weapons, Warzone 2 Season 2 has also brought a brand new faction to the DMZ extraction mode – the Crown. Unfortunately, although somewhat expected, the new missions are locked behind a paywall. Namely, they are only available for those players who have purchased Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Thus, they are not a part of the free-to-play DMZ experience. The Crown’s Tier 2 mission, “Salvager”, requires players to extract five Contraband Packages in total. Two of them are located on the new Ashika Island map. And three can be found on the sunken ships in Al Mazrah. In this guide, we provide the locations of the Sunken Ships where you can find these three Contraband Packages.

These packages are really hard to find as they are deep in the sea around the ships’ wreckages. First, you will need to go to the Sawah Village area or the 8D coordinates, to be more precise. All three packages are in the sea around these wreckages. We have pinpointed their exact locations on our maps below, so make sure to check them out.

If you are having trouble locating them (and you probably will), we advise you to watch this video guide by Nihkilis, as he shows their exact locations. And it is much easier to see the locations in motion than to explain them with words. With that being said, our “Contraband Packages Locations in Al Mazrah, DMZ Salvager” is completed.

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